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2018 eJuiceDB Best 18650 Battery Buying Guide

2018 eJuiceDB Best 18650 Battery Buying Guide

One of the questions asked most often about hardware is what is the right battery for my mod? Is it going to explode? How do I know that it isn't a cheap Chinese knock-off? And so on. First and foremost, if you purchase the right batteries, there should be no concern about the battery exploding. Just don't leave your mod on in your purse or pocket. Allowing it to overheat in a tight condensed area can cause problems. Try to avoid this. That being said, what about Chinese knock-offs? Well, that all comes down to making sure that you purchase your batteries from a legitimate source, like us. We purchase directly from the manufacturers, so we know that the batteries are coming from the company listed on the battery. Companies like Hohm Tech are now starting to use an Authenticity Verification Code on the battery that you can then enter into their website and verify if it is an authentic battery. This is a great idea, but unnecessary if you purchase your battery from legitimate sources. That being said, what is a legitimate source and what isn't? Here is a great hint... Be very careful buying your batteries from companies that sell batteries exclusively like battery____.com, and so forth. They have horrible reviews notoriously and have hundreds of rip-off complaints. For the most part, most other well known vaping sites are relatively safe. I believe that we offer competitive pricing and are constantly pricing our competitors to stay in line with our pricing. I have compared every one of the batteries listed in this guide to make absolutely certain that we are competitive and fair with our pricing. We also have software that does that for us on all of our eJuice products.

Anyhow, for purchases of this "battery guide", I am limiting the guide to the 18650 batteries for the most part. I will list options for other batteries below in my final thoughts, for those of you have needs for the 20700, 21700, and the 26650 batteries. It is also important to note that even within the 18650 batteries, there are options that often make it difficult to compare batteries as a whole. Therefore, I am splitting up the batteries into two categories, 3000mah batteries, and those that aren't... or basically are 2500mah to 2600mah. Also, each of the batteries we are discussing come in a 2-Pack, so you are getting two batteries with every purchase... which is something you really should do no matter what anyhow. It would really suck to only have one, and have the battery go dead while you are out and about.

That being said, here we go...

#1 - Sony VTC6 18650 3000mAh 30A Batteries (2-Pack)

Let's start off with the best 18650 3000mAh battery on the market today. The Sony VTC6 18650 3000mAh 30A Battery is by far one of the best batteries made. It simply out-performs all others. As with all of the batteries in the VTC line, it is able to maintain a low temperature and long-running capacity while discharging at high amperages. That is everything you need in a battery. The mid-to-high discharge amperages of the VTC line make them a great match if you like to vape at low resistances as well. These batteries go in and out of stock on a regular basis, so when you see them in stock, I suggest that you grab them. They are $17.99 for a 2-Pack.

#2 - LG HG2 18650 20A 3000mah Batteries (2-Pack)

Number two on my list is the LG HG2 18650 20A 3000mah Battery. The LG HG2 18650 utilizes lithium-ion INR technology, giving it a high capacity 3000mAh charge, and also a 20Amp high energy discharge. INR batteries are also known as NMC, NCM, LiNiMnCoO2, or lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide, are a hybrid type technology first commercialized in 2008 and have absolutely no memory effect, giving them a longer shelf life as well as being able to retain their charge over a longer span of time. Their average normal discharge rate is less than 2.5% over a month, which means that it will retain it's charge much longer than other rechargeable batteries. LG also indicates that the battery will last for approximately 500 cycles, dropping to 80% capacity over it's lifetime. Suffice it to say, it will recharge your vaping device probably longer than you own the device itself. The other upside is that our price is extremely competitive with other online sites, and you don't have to purchase it from one of those rip-off battery sites who relabel cheaper batteries. When you purchase from us, you get the battery you are purchasing. Quality you can count on. We have the LG HG2 18650 20A 3000mah battery online at $15.99 for the 2-Pack.

#3 - Samsung 30Q INR 18650 3000mah Battery (2-Pack)

Third on our list is the Samsung 30Q INR 18650 3000mah Battery. The Samsung 30Q INR is Samsung's answer to the never ending battery. You'll recharge this massive power tank less often than any other battery you've used in the past. For vaping at lower amperages (15-20A), you'd be hard-pressed to find a better battery. Again, this is another battery with the INR technology, or NMC (Lithium Manganese Nickel [LiNiMnCoO2]). These batteries hold up very well. We have the Samsung 30Q on our website in stock for $14.99 for the 2-Pack.

#4 - Hohm Life 18650 3077mAh Battery Cell (2-Pack)

Coming in at number four on my list is the Hohm Life 18650 3077mAh Battery Cell. Hohm Tech makes a really solid battery. They have a slightly higher mAh rating at 3077mAh. I have used these in my flashlights for the last few years and they hold up well and really don't need to be charged all that often. They seem to hold a better charge than most of the Panasonic batteries I used to use and they hold about the same if not more than some of the Samsung batteries I have as well. If you have a power hungry vape mod, this might just be the best battery to give a try. We have these available on the website for $18.99 for a 2-Pack.

#5 - Efest 18650 3000mAh 35A V1 Battery (2-Pack)

Last on my top five 300mAh batteries is the Efest 18650 3000mAh 35A V1 Battery. The Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 3000mah 35A have been engineered for high drain application and heavy load usage. This makes for a great battery for sub-ohm builds and high discharge rate mech mods. This cell delivers 3000mah unprotected capacity at 35A pulse discharge, more than the Sony VTC4, and maximum discharge voltage of 4.25V. We have these available on the website in stock at $17.99 for a 2-Pack.

So, that is the list for the 300mAh batteries. What about the lower capacity 2500-2600mAh? Well, here is my top five for those as well. They are great batteries as well and in most cases are a little less expensive overall.

  1. Sony VTC5A 18650 2600mAh Batteries (2-Pack) - $15.99
  2. Samsung 25R INR 18650 2500mah Battery (2-Pack) - $11.99
  3. Aspire 18650 (2600 mAh) 20A 3.7V Li-ion Battery - $10.00
  4. Ohmash Hardware 18650 2500mAh 30A Battery (2-Pack) - $16.49
  5. Hohm Work 18650 2531mAh Battery Cell (2-Pack) - $13.99

Here are some great buys for others like the 20700, 21700, and the 26650...

Finally, I get a lot of questions about chargers. Personally, I believe that the Nitecore I2 Intellicharger Battery Charger is probably the best buy for the money nowadays. It is an almost universal charger that charges something like 15 different battery types, including the original AA, AAA, C, and D batteries you use around the house. It does all of this for $14.99. You can't beat that. For the money, this is the best charger on the market today.

I really hope that this helps everyone out. for all intent and purposes, I did a little research and found that my ratings are pretty much consistent with what everyone out there is saying about the Sony, Lg, and Samsung batteries. so, I guess it is good to know that at least I am consistent. Have a great week.
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