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2020 Top 10 Strawberry eJuice/eLiquid Flavors

2020 Top 10 Strawberry eJuice/eLiquid Flavors

Strawberry is and really has been the most popular flavor in eJuice since its inception. A few years ago, Cuttwood's Unicorn Milk would have been at the top of this list. It is still a great flavor and makes it in our top ten, but interestingly enough, barely this year. Naked 100 has really taken the industry by storm over the last few years. Brain Freeze by Naked 100 tops our list this year, and does it with almost ten times the sales of Unicorn Milk. Naked makes some really great vape juice, and of course, so does Cuttwood. In our list of strawberry flavors, we also have Keep It 100, Bad Drip, Vapetasia, Air Factory, Bazooka, Cassadaga, Time Bomb, and Aqua eJuice.

To give you an idea of just how popular strawberry flavors are as a whole, more than 1600 different products are sold on our websites with strawberry as a flavor. In the last year, we have sold the equivalent of a swimming pool full of strawberry flavors. Suffice it to say, strawberry is popular.

So, let's take a look at the top ten strawberry flavors...

Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid

Brain Freeze is by far one of the best products that Naked 100 by Schwartz Liquids (USA Vape Lab) has ever put out. It is built on a strong flavor of strawberry, with the tartness of kiwi, and a sweet taste of pomegranates. It finishes with a cool exhale that comes from menthol. I know. For those of you out there that aren't real fond of menthol, this is a mild menthol. I'm vaping it right now as I type, and I am not real fond of menthol vapes. It is very fruity and has a very strong strawberry flavor. I like it. I might just finish this bottle before I try something else. Right now you can get it on our website for $19.99 without a coupon, and better yet, you can get it in a bundle with Frost Bite and Very Cool together for less than $60 and get free shipping with it. Click on the link for more info.

Lava Flow by Naked 100 Fruit E-Liquid

Second up on our list is Lava Flow by Naked 100 Fruit E-Liquid. This is perhaps a better flavor than Brain Freeze above. For those of you who really insist that the idea of menthol is out, this is definitely going to be the one to try. If you haven't tried Lava Flow, I think you are truly missing out on a phenomenal product. I think it is one of the best flavors on the market today. Let's just say that I haven't found one better. Lava Flow is definitely a fruity flavor. It starts with a strong profile of strawberries and then layers on coconut and pineapple. It has both that sweet and tangy flavor together. You definitely get the strong strawberry taste on the inhale along with the coconut, and then you get more of the pineapple on the exhale. If you like fruity vapes, and you like strawberry, this is it. We have this on sale right now for $19.99 as well.

Blue Slushie by Keep It 100 eJuice

Blue Slushie by Keep It 100 eJuice is a really great mix between strawberries and blue raspberries. I know... What is a blue raspberry really? So, it is basically a whitebark raspberry or technically a Rubus leucodermis mixed with bright blue synthetic food coloring, originally designed to make kids tongues blue across America. Oh wait, was I supposed to say it was brought down from the forest by cute little blue Smurfs in limited quantities and made especially for all of us vapers? Wow. Anyhow, moving along. If you haven't tried a flavor from Keep It 100, you should. They have some great flavors that I blogged about last week in my Father's Day post. Blue Slushie is a new take on the good ol' 7/11 blue slushie that you undoubtedly tried when you were growing up. Let's just say that a lot of us still love this great flavor. It has a strong strawberry and raspberry flavor mixed together. This is a truly sweet, fruity flavor. It is definitely worth giving a try! We have it on sale right now for $24.00 for the 100ml bottles.

Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King eJuice

If Candy King has done anything, they have definitely perfected the best strawberry watermelon flavor in Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King eJuice. It is a take on strawberry watermelon bubblegum and it definitely hits a home run in making the perfect flavor. Watermelon is a great flavor to pair with strawberry. You really cannot go wrong with it. I originally tried this flavor about six months ago, and it definitely is a hit with anyone who likes a strong sweet vape. You may not get the tart flavor you get when you vape something with pineapple or mango, but you will definitely get sweet. It gets great five star reviews and we currently have it on sale right now for $25.00 in the 100ml bottles.

Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid

First of all, how could you go wrong with something named Naked Unicorn? If you are ready for something out of this world, Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream eJuice is just that. What you get with this vape juice is a blending of strawberries and some of the best cream base that you could ever ask for. It is truly a great blending, and a great flavor. It tastes a lot like Unicorn Milk from Cuttwood Vapors, but Naked 100 took that flavor and stepped it up significantly, and made it much more smooth and creamy, unlike the smoky flavor that some people say that they experience with strawberry milk flavors. This is an exceptional vape juice with a truly exceptional flavor, again... from Naked 100 eJuice. We have it on sale right now for $19.99 in the 60ml bottle.

Farley's Gnarly by Bad Drip eJuice

Bad Drip eJuice definitely makes some really twisted and creative vape juice. Farley's Gnarly by Bad Drip eJuice is no exception. This is the classic take on strawberry and kiwi. It is a solid flavor that you really cannot go wrong with, and Bad Drip eJuice has done it to perfection. It is a solid five star ejuice no matter where you see it. Everyone seems to love it. It is definitely one for the fruity sweet tooth. No real tang to it, but definitely packed full of sweet strawberry kiwi flavors. We have it on sale right now for $18.75 a bottle for the 60ml, and $34.95 for the 120ml.

Strawberry Killer Kustard by Vapetasia eJuice

Strawberry Killer Kustard by Vapetasia eJuice is really just that... killer custard with strawberries. I tried this for the first time about a year ago after someone suggested that I give it a try while I was vaping a few other strawberry flavors. It is amazing. Well, let's say this. If you like custard vapes, and you like strawberries... then you will love this vape juice. It is the perfect pairing and it just tastes really good. You have to love their packaging as well. It definitely goes well with the flavor. We have it right now on the site for $19.99 in the 60ml bottles.

Pink Burst by Keep It 100 eJuice

Keep It 100 eJuice has done it again with Pink Burst by Keep It 100 eJuice. It is the perfect strawberry candy... a strawberry Starburst. It is spot on... a perfect match. Funny enough, our top ten list thus far has hit a little of everything, with the strawberry Starburst candy flavor weighing in here at number eight on our list. This one is simple... if you like strawberry Starburst candy, you will like this. We have it on sale right now for $24.00 for the 100ml bottle.

Pure by Aqua eJuice

Pure by Aqua eJuice is a blending of three different fruits, strawberry, apple and watermelon. They have plain packaging, and to look at the bottle and box, you wouldn't think much of it, but the flavors are definitely great. Unlike any of the others on our list, Pure by Aqua eJuice adds a strong apple flavor to the powerful strawberry and water melon flavors. It is a great mix of flavors and we have it on sale right now for $19.99 in the 60ml bottle. We also have this one available in the ever-popular nicotine salt flavors. You can check out the Aqua Nicotine Salt E-Liquid or you can find this flavor individually as Pure by Aqua Nicotine Salt E-Liquid. Either way, it's a pretty good flavor!

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood Vapors

Rounding off our top ten strawberry flavors is Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood Vapors, a vape juice that I have sort of picked on a bit here in this post. Unicorn Milk seems to be the standard in which other strawberry vapes are compared to. It is the original strawberry favorite. It is definitely still a great juice for strawberry lovers everywhere. I just think that a lot of vapes have surpassed its original flavor, if that makes sense. I have listed nine great vapes above this original by Cuttwood Vapors that I think you should give a try. If all else fails, you still have Unicorn Milk right? We have it on sale right now for $15.49 in the 30ml bottle, or $21.45 in the 60ml bottle.

So, if all else fails, here are five more great strawberry flavors to check out...

Cannoli Be Mine by Cassadaga Liquids
Strawberry Sour Straws by Bazooka eJuice
Berry Belts by Naked 100 Fusion E-Liquid
Strawberry Kiwi by Air Factory E-Liquid
Pennywise by Clown Premium Liquids

Updated 06/12/20
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