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5 Great Reasons To Look At The eJuiceDB New Releases

5 Great Reasons To Look At The eJuiceDB New Releases

Our staff has been working diligently at adding a huge amount of new products to our online store here at eJuiceDB.com. The great thing about this is that we have added some great new vape juice from Air Factory E-Liquid, Keep It 100 eJuice, Fresh Pressed E-Liquid, Bomb Bombz E-Liquid, Sugoi Vapor, and so many more. Today, we are going to focus on the five brands I just mentioned. They have all added at least one new superb new flavor that is worth taking a look at.

So, that being said, here are our top five new flavors of the week...

Wild Apple by Air Factory E-Liquid

Air Factory E-Liquid describes their Wild Apple flavor as "a mouth watering, sweet apple taffy candy with the perfect blend of red and green apples". This is definitely an apple lovers vape juice. It has all of the great taste of an apple, mixed with that candy flavor you get with the sensation of eating apple flavored candy. Air Factory has the habit of putting out some great vapes, and this is really no exception. It's available in 100ml bottles and is currently $24.95. With our current sale going on, it is 25% off, or $18.71. Grab it now. It also has a five star rating, which isn't bad for a new juice added about a week or so ago or less.

Blue Slushie Tropical by Keep It 100 eJuice

Next up is Blue Slushie Tropical by Keep It 100 eJuice. Keep It 100 eJuice has put together the flavors of blue raspberry, strawberry, peach, pineapple, mango, and guava, and blended them all together in a smoothie style vape juice. It has a solid tropical fruit flavor, with strong notes of both strawberry and pineapple. You also get a mango and guava taste on the exhale. This flavor is very similar to their Blue Slushie flavor, only with a more tropical taste. It is very similar to your local 7-11 slushie... which I happen to like. Anyhow, it is available in 100ml size and is currently $24.00. With our current sale going on, it is 25% off, or $18.00. Grab it now. Ships immediately.

Honeycomb Berry Nicotine Salt by Fresh Pressed E-Liquid

Honeycomb Berry Nicotine Salt by Fresh Pressed E-Liquid is a great take on a mash-up of lime, Hawaiian berries and, as they would say, a "drizzle of honey straight from a honeycomb". It has a really sweet fruit taste with that extra kick with the honey. You also can't forget that this is a nicotine salt vape juice, so it also has a better kick to it. It is definitely worth giving this a try. Out of the five today, I believe that this is the best one on the list. It is currently available in 60ml bottles and five different nic strengths. It is currently $20.00, but with the 25% off sale, it is reduced to $15.00. This is readily available and ships immediately. Grab it before the sale ends.

Sour Deez by Bomb Bombz E-Liquid

Number four on my list is Sour Deez by Bomb Bombz E-Liquid. This vape juice is best described as "an utterly delicious, sour coated, sweet centered jelly candy." They also say that each delicious inhale of this E-Liquid is sure to please any fan of the beloved candy! For the most part, they are right. It definitely has a sweet candy flavor to it. Bomb Bombz E-Liquid has a habit of making some really sweet tasting vapes. Great fruit medley style flavor. We have it available in 100ml with four different nic strengths. It is currently $25.00, but again with the current sale, this is reduced to $18.75, so get it now if you want to try it.

Bad Karma by Sugoi Vapor E-Liquid

Rounding off the list is Bad Karma by Sugoi Vapor E-Liquid. Funny enough, there is also a product called Good Karma by Sugoi Vapor E-Liquid as well. Funny. Bad Karma is a mixture of mango cream with raspberry bits. The mixologists at Sugoi Vapor think that this could be your next guilty pleasure. The flavors are great and you really can never go wrong with raspberry can you? Now you just have to ask yourself if you want a little bad karma... he he... Anyhow, Bad Karma is available in 100ml bottles and three nic levels. You can normally get this on our website for $24.95, but right now with 25% off, this turns into $18.71 when you put it into your shopping cart. It's in stock and readily available for immediate delivery.


So, with all said and done this week, those are five really good flavors from some big names in the vaping industry. Another thing to remember, everything is on sale right now on our eJuiceDB.com retail website. So, when you place an item into your shopping cart, it automatically takes off 25%. That means a $25 bottle of vape juice becomes $18. You also get free shipping on any order that is over $50. So the best idea is to buy a couple of bottles of your regular juice and then try something new. That will get you to the $50 mark for free shipping.

Always remember, if you have any questions, our talented staff is always here to help. If you ever have a challenge with an order, or if a bottle shows up broken or leaking, let us know. We will always make it right because we appreciate your business.

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