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5 Incredible Overlooked eJuice/eLiquid Flavors

5 Incredible Overlooked eJuice/eLiquid Flavors

This week I thought I would talk about five flavors that are often overlooked on our lists of something to try. These flavors fall in that area of huge popularity, but not quite in the top five selling flavors on the website, but they do jump up into that list from one week to the next. So I thought it would be a great idea to talk a little about them, as they are all great flavors. In this list, you are going to see #candy, #fruit, #candy, #dessert, #strawberry, #guava, #pineapple, #raspberry, #blueberry, #banana, #pear, #waffles, #ice cream, and #syrup. They are mostly fruit flavors, but we do have one dessert in there with them!

That being said, here we go...

#1 - Nerdy Creamy Candy by Weirdo Vape E-Juice

Starting off we have Nerdy Creamy Candy by Weirdo Vape E-Juice, which is described as "A sinfully delicious creamy "Nerdy" flavored candy. The cream satisfies the dessert lovers and the candy flavor is truly the best on the market." This really has a rich sweet flavor and is loved by hundreds of people a week here on our website. It is available in 100ml bottles and is currently $25.00 a bottle. We have a couple of dozen in stock, so you may want to hurry if you want to get yours quickly.

#2 - Stranomenon E-Liquid

Number two on my list is Stranomenon E-Liquid. This is a serious strawberry candy lovers delight! They describe it as a "strawberry hard candy with a sweet gooey center", which is kind fo like those strawberry candies you got from your grandmother that has that soft center in them and is wrapped in a red and green wrapper with a strawberry on it. This is really great vape juice. It is currently available in the 120ml bottles and is $24.99. Get these while supplies last because we only have a few dozen in stock.

#3 - Jungle Juice by Carter Elixirs

Third on my list is Jungle Juice by Carter Elixirs. This is a serious fruit lovers mix. It has banana, pineapple, pear, strawberry and guava. YOu cannot go wrong with that much fruit in a bottle! It is just begging to be vaped! we have these in 120ml bottles and it is currently $20.00 each. It has a five star rating, as does all of the vape juice on this week's blog post.

#4 - Blueberry by Drip Wich eJuice

Coming in at number four on my list is Blueberry by Drip Wich eJuice. It is described as "A super gnarly waffle ice cream sandwich, bursting with bodacious blueberry syrup!" This is simply the best dessert vape you are going to get. This has that sweet blueberry flavor mixed with the creamy ice cream and then you get a great taste soft of pasty like, and then you get hit with the sweet syrup at the end. This is yummy! We have it in 60ml and 100ml bottles and it is on sale in the 100ml bottle for $26.24, which is 25% off! Get it while we have it on sale. It's a great vape!

#5 - Marea by Ritual Craft Vapor Liquid

Last on my top five for the week is Marea by Ritual Craft Vapor Liquid. This is a great mix between blueberry, and raspberry making for the perfect bluerazz. They describe it as, "This amazing concoction perfectly mixes blueberries and raspberries together, then blends them into a perfect snowy treat." We have it available in 60ml and 100ml bottles for $25 and $35 each. If you like that perfect bluerazz combo flavor, this is the best selling on the market for us! Get it today.

So, that is our list of for the week. These are great sellers for us, and people are talking about them a lot on our website and in reviews. Funny enough, they are all #fruit vapes with one #dessert exception. They are definitely popular. That is for sure. If you want to search by flavor, you can access our flavor tags from the top menu on the website. On eJuiceDB, you can search literally by over 500 different flavors. we do our best to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Have a GREAT week!

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