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Amazing Candy Vape Juice Flavors For Your Sweet Tooth

Amazing Candy Vape Juice Flavors For Your Sweet Tooth

This week is all about the candy! Everyone loves candy in some form, and as it goes with vaping, it is often mixed in with fruit and desserts. So, how could you ask for more? Right now we have over 1800 different ejuice flavors on our website that have some form of candy in them. If you want to browse through all of our candy flavors, click here on our #CANDY hashtag, or you can always browse by flavor from the top of our menu on the website. If you are interested, you can also check out our most popular candy flavors on eJuiceDB, which are chocolate, gummy, cotton candy, butterscotch, and taffy. It is also worth noting that a large amount of the vape juice manufacturers often mention candy in their flavors, but do not mention the type of candy. For example, they will say "mixed fruit candy flavor", which often makes it difficult to identify the specific flavors.

Anyhow, here are five VERY popular candy flavors for this week...

Just Reds E-Liquid

We are starting off this week with Just Reds E-Liquid. It is best described as a "bold juicy burst of your favorite red fruit flavored candies". Basically, it is watermelon, strawberry, cherry, fruit punch, and they are all mixed together with a great candy flavor. Everyone I have spoken with generally loves this vape juice. We have 30+ reviews on our website for Just Reds E-Liquid, and it has a strong five star rating! Right now we have it 25% off, so it is only $22.50 for a 100ml bottle. This is probably one of the best candy flavors on the market today!

Butter Pecan Caramel by Drip Wich eJuice

Butter Pecan Caramel by Drip Wich eJuice is a great flavor mixed with both candy and dessert flavors. They describe it as a completely far out butter pecan ice cream, sandwiched between two wicked waffles, drenched with an excellent caramel syrup! You can't beat that. It has a great, smooth flavor that will keep you coming back for more. With 30+ reviews on our website for this vape juice, it has a strong five star rating. It was also great to see in our ratings that people love it, and even better, they got their products from us fast and "hassle free" as someone said. It is available in 60ml and 100ml bottles and we have about a 100 or so in stock, so you can get it quickly.

Stranomenon E-Liquid

Stranomenon E-Liquid is described as a "strawberry hard candy with a sweet gooey center." Remember those soft strawberry candies that your grandmother used to give you? Well, it dort of taste like those. This flavor is apparently really hard to find as well, so I am noticing that everyone who has left a review say that they "love us" for carrying it, and that they couldn't find it anywhere else. That's good to hear. Again, this has a five star rating and is definitely worth giving a try. We have it in 120ml bottles and have about 65 or so in stock. So get yours now. In fact, stock up.

Nerdy Creamy Candy by Weirdo Vape E-Juice

Next up is Nerdy Creamy Candy by Weirdo Vape E-Juice. They describe their product as a "creamy nerdy candy flavor". They aren't too far off. It is a mixed fruit sensation with cream tones and it definitely will give you both the candy and dessert vibe as you vape it. You are definitely going to love this, especially if you love cream flavors. We have it in 100ml bottle and it is readily available for immediate delivery.

Swedish by Candy King eJuice

Last on our list for this week is one of my personal favorites, Swedish by Candy King eJuice. Candy King definitely puts out some winners, and this is no exception. Swedish by Candy King eJuice tastes just like the Swedish Fish berry candy that you get in stores. Funny enough, you never really know exactly what those little red fish are made of... Is it berries? Is it fruit punch? Maybe a mix of both. Either way, you are going to get a great fruit candy fusion that will keep you coming back for more and more. We have it in 100ml bottles and it is currently on sale at 23% off. It is currently $25.00 a bottle. We have just over 100 in stock, so with this post, they probably won't last long. So if you want to give it a try, we suggest that you order it now.
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