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Amazing Creamy Peanut Butter Vape Juice Flavors

Amazing Creamy Peanut Butter Vape Juice Flavors

We are going to try something completely new this week... peanut butter. What? Right! Peanut butter. It is a flavor that is often overlooked and there really aren't a huge amount of them out there, but they are pretty good. I recently tried a few and I am really beginning to like them... a lot. So this week we are going to go through the best of the best with peanuts and peanut butter in them. If you haven't tried one yet, maybe you should! They make for some pretty good vape juice flavors, especially mixed with whipped cream, pie, and other dessert flavors... Oh, and you cannot forget the most famous, peanut butter and jelly.

So, that being said, here are our top five for the week...

Peanut Butter Rocket by Salvation Juice Co E-Liquid

Let's start this off with Peanut Butter Rocket by Salvation Juice Co E-Liquid. This is a chunky peanut butter pie topped with whipped cream. SOunds a little weird right? But it tastes pretty good. Honestly, if you haven't tried a peanut butter vape before, you don't know what you are missing. Salvation has put together a pretty decent flavor that mixes in some amazing creaminess along with the peanut butter to make for something unique. We have this for $17.99 a bottle in the 120ml bottles. OUr every day price is $7.00 cheaper than what you will find it anywhere else.

PB & Jam Monster Grape by Jam Monster Liquids

PB & Jam Monster Grape by Jam Monster Liquids is next up on our list this week. Jam Monster definitely has the market on peanut butter and jam. Jam Monster Grape is no exception! If you haven't tried one of the Jame Monster products before, you have definitely missed out! We have Jam Monster Grape priced at $17.99 a bottle for the 100ml. Price shopping it with our "eJuices" competition, and they are selling it at $26.99. Our every day price beats it by $9.00 a bottle.

Pech Peanut Butter Cake by Flavor Monster E-Liquid

Pech Peanut Butter Cake by Flavor Monster E-Liquid is next on our list. Are you ready for peanut butter cheesecake? It definitely has a unique flavor that will surprise you. On the inhale you get that sensational cheesecake flavor that as you draw it in more, you taste that creamy peanut butter along with it. It is definitely an original flavor that you won't find anywhere else. We have this available for $25.99 a bottle in the 240ml. Our every day price crushes the competition on this product!

Monkey Snack by Ripe Vapes Handcrafted Joose

Number four on our list is Monkey Snack by Ripe Vapes Handcrafted Joose. We had to have at least one in the list... peanut butter and bananas. Who doesn't love this flavor? You had to have eaten this as a kid growing up. I think everyone did. So does it taste the same? Yeah, it does. Ripe Vapes has done a really great job of creating this classic mash-up. We have it available in 60ml bottles for $14.99. Our competition sells it for $22.95, which is $8.00 more. OUr every day prices crushes the competition.

Peanut Butter & Jealous by Slam Cake Vapes eJuice

Last on our list for this week is Peanut Butter & Jealous by Slam Cake Vapes eJuice. This is a classic mouthwatering strawberry jelly with light peanut butter make the perfect sandwich vape. You cannot beat a good strawberry vape juice... and mixing peanut butter in with it, takes it to a whole new level. Slam Cake Vapes has done a great job with this vape juice and it is very popular on our website. You can pick it up for $18.99 a bottle for the 120ml bottle. Again, we crush the competition on this by almost $9.00 a bottle.

So, if yo haven't noticed, there has been a lot of changes here at eJuiceDB. We have slashed prices on all eJuice products by over 30%, making them our every day prices! We have priced out our top 100 selling products on the website and found that we are on average about $9.00 cheaper than all of the competition. We priced shopped them with what we consider our top five competitors out there and they are pale by comparison. We encourage you to price shop everything! We have great products, over 1800 different eJuice brands online. We have fast shipping and we have incredible pricing. What else could you ask for?

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