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Top Apple Flavored eJuices

An Apple A Day... Keeps The eJuice Flowing Through The Mod!

They say that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. I wonder how that works with vape juice. Yeah, I know... Nonetheless, apple flavored ejuice is one of the top fruit flavors, next to strawberry. If you are looking for a great strawberry vape, I suggest that you read my article entitled, 2018 Top 10 Strawberry eJuice/eLiquid Flavors. Otherwise... I have five really great apple flavors for you to sink your teeth into. All five have performed really well in sales and have great ratings, so people tend to love them.

So, that being said, here are our top five for the week...

Reds Apple by Reds Apple eJuice

The basic description given by the vendor is "crisp sweet red apple". This really doesn't do this flavor justice. This is one of the best apple vape juice I have ever tried... with the exception of another one here in my list below. You really get the apple flavor throughout on the inhale and a serious apple exhale. You cannot ask for a better fruit vape than this. It is definitely worth checking out and trying. We have it on sale right now for $24.00 in the 60ml bottle.

Reds Ice by Reds Apple eJuice

Second up on our list is basically the sister to the bottle mentioned above. You get a strong sense of apple on the inhale and a cool menthol kick on the exhale. This is an excellent vape juice for those who love apple and the menthol mixed in. So, if you aren't fond of the menthol, grab the one above. They are both $24.00 right now in the 60ml bottle.

Green Apple by Skwezed eJuice

Green Apple by Skwezed eJuice is a crisp, juicy, and tangy green apple. It comes through exactly the way they describe it too. It is exceptional and it comes from an exceptional company. I tried this vape juice a few months back and it definitely has strong apple flavors, and a sharp tangy flavor in the end. If you like a little tanginess with your apple vape, then this one is for you. Right now it is $29.99 in the 100ml bottle.

Green Blast by Naked 100 Fruit E-Liquid

Coming in at number four on our list this week is an incredible flavor from Naked 100 called Green Blast. Personally, I love this flavor. With this flavor you experience a trio of expertly balanced flavors. Green Blast by Naked E-Liquid combines the smooth and subtle sweetness of Honeydew, the crisp juicy tartness of Granny Smith Apple, and finishing with the bright, creamy and zesty notes of Kiwi. The apple is the powerful flavor in this vape by far. It is also by Naked 100 eJuice, so you really cannot go wrong in getting this product! Personally, I believe that it is the best in this list.

Green Apple Sour Straws by Bazooka eJuice

Last but not least on my top five for the week is Green Apple Sour Straws by Bazooka eJuice (now Green Apple Sours by Kilo Sour Series E-Liquids). I have to say that everything that Bazooka puts out seems to be pretty damn good overall. Green Apple Sour Straws is no exception. It is a ridiculously juicy candy vape that features all of the ingredients necessary for an extraordinary vape. Green apple flavor with all of its sweetness and tart like consistency come to life when you fire this liquid up in your vape set up. How could you turn this down? You can't right? We have it online right now for $22.00 and it ships immediately.
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