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Candy King eJuice ... The King Of Candy Vape Juice

Candy King eJuice ... The King Of Candy Vape Juice

This week we are dedicating our blog post to Candy King eJuice, one of the best selling fruit and candy vape juice products on the market today. They make some amazing flavors that keep you coming back for more, time after time. They now have four amazing lines to choose from, based on their original flavors. Their original line is now available as Candy King on Ice eJuice and Candy King On Salt eJuice. They have also introduced some newer flavors in their Cookie King eJuice line. We will take a look at all of their top selling flavors, including their best sellers.

#1 - Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King eJuice

Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King eJuice is the top selling Candy King eJuice product on our retail websites. It is an amazing juicy strawberry and watermelon bubblegum flavor that is definitely true to it's name. If you love fruit and candy mash-ups, this is definitely the best! Just about all of us here have vaped this at one time or another and love it. You will never be disappointed with this Candy King product. If you don't like it, send it back and I will finish the bottle for you. Right now it is only $12.25 a bottle for the 100ml bottles. (Strawberry Watermelon On Ice) (Strawberry Watermelon Nicotine Salt)

#2 - Swedish by Candy King eJuice

Next up on our list from Candy King is Swedish by Candy King eJuice. I think everyone knows what Swedish Fish taste like... it is that mix between a red punch flavor and berries and mixed fruit. Swedish sells almost just as many bottles a week as Strawberry Watermelon. Everyone loves Swedish. I have vaped this over and over. It is sweet, but with that candy twist to it. It's that candy twist that makes the Candy King eJuice products so amazing. You definitely won't be disappointed with this product, or let's face it, any product from Candy King. Swedish is still number one in my book! We have it right now for $16.99 a bottle (40% off)... so you can save a few bucks if you get it this week! (Swedish On Ice) (Swedish Nicotine Salt)

#3 - Batch by Candy King eJuice

Batch by Candy King eJuice is that perfect sweet and sour gummy candy mix. You get that amazingly sweet mixed fruit flavor on the inhale, and a sour candy vibe on the exhale. You can't go wrong with this vape juice. You are going to love the fruit and candy mash-up that makes Candy King the king of fruit/candy flavors. To date, we have tried most of the Candy King eJuice products and haven't found a bad one yet. Batch is currently on sale on our website for $13.99 for the 100ml bottle. You won't find this price anywhere else! (Batch On Ice) (Batch Nicotine Salt)

#4 - Worms by Candy King eJuice

Worms by Candy King eJuice is a different take on gummy worms. Unlike Batch, it focuses more on the sour side of things. You are going to get that sweet fruit hit on the inhale, but more of a sour and tart exhale with the candy flavor. This is definitely one of those flavors catering to the people who love tart and sour flavors. For those of you who question whether you can taste the different in a sour or tart vape, you definitely can with Worms by Candy King eJuice. With other vape juice flavors on the market, not so much. We have this available right now for $14.99 a bottle! Guaranteed that you aren't going to find this for that price in many places! (Worms On Ice) (Worms Nicotine Salt)

#5 - Belts by Candy King eJuice

Belts by Candy King eJuice is the perfect strawberry fruit and candy mash-up. It has everything you want from a strawberry vape, and then you add in a sour candy vibe to it as well. As with every one of the vape juice products on this week's list, it is really hard to choose one above another. Belts brings something to the table that each of the other vapes doesn't... it is definitely a strong strawberry flavor. With strawberry being the best selling flavor in the industry, it isn't a big surprise to understand that Belts by Candy King eJuice sells several hundred bottles a week from our websites. You won't be disappointed. We have it on sale at $16.99 a bottle for the 100ml. Again, this is a sale price, so if you want to try any of these products, we suggest grabbing them this week while they are on sale. (Belts On Ice) (Belts Nicotine Salt)

Those are the top five selling products from Candy King eJuice. Many of the flavors you can also get in either with menthol or nicotine salt. Just click on the appropriate links. With the new Cookie King eJuice line, we also suggest that you take a look at Dvnk by Cookie King eJuice. It is a graham cracker cookie dipped in amazing vanilla frosting. It's a great tasting dessert vape that is starting to sell quite a bit on the website. You may also want to take a look at the Candy King eJuice products that are only $12.50 this week! There are more than 10+ products. Have a GREAT week!

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