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Five Amazing Chocolate Lovers Vape Juices

Five Amazing Chocolate Lovers Vape Juices

Chocolate vape juice is one of those flavors that comes across extremely boldly in most of the products that it is in. It has a rich creamy flavor, that is also very sweet... and unique. This week we are dedicating our blog article to chocolate, both milk chocolate and white chocolate. These two flavors are unique and yes, you can definitely tell the two a part in terms of taste. We have about 300 or so products on the website entirely dedicated to this amazing candy flavor that just about everyone loves. Chocolate not only mixes well in desserts, but in coffee and hot chocolate as well. We have five great vapes here to take a look at.

#1 - Bakers Daughter by Coil Spill E-Liquid

We start off this week with Bakers Daughter by Coil Spill E-Liquid. Bakers Daughter is a delicious sugar cookie with hints of white chocolate and soft melted marshmallows. Baker's Daughter is sweet, warm and satisfying. This was one of the first chocolate vapes that I tried. I wasn't sure about what chocolate would taste like in a vape. Well, Bakers Daughter has that extra smooth and very creamy sweet taste that you know white chocolate to be. It is very distinct and flavorful. It is definitely worth a try. If you like your vape juice full of cream flavor, then this is the type of vape for you. Bakers Daughter is an excellent one to start offf with as well. We have it available in 60ml bottles and three different nic levels. It currently runs $14.99 a bottle and is on sale at 25% off!

#2 - White Chocolate Mocha by Nitro's Cold Brew eJuice

Next up on our list for the week is White Chocolate Mocha by Nitro's Cold Brew eJuice. White Chocolate Mocha is another excellent white chocolate flavor, but with a cold brewed coffee twist with white mocha. Although, I am not a huge fan of coffee, this is definitely the perfect vape for those who are coffee lovers. It combines that rich coffee taste with a very strong and sweet white chocolate flavor, which makes the overall flavor very creamy. We have this available in 100ml bottles and in three different nic levels. It currently runs $24.99 a bottle.

#3 - Chocolate Puddin' by Country Clouds E-Juice

Chocolate Puddin' by Country Clouds E-Juice is next up on our list. Chocolate Puddin' is an amazing take on that wonderful chocolate pudding in the cup you had as a child. It is rich in flavor just like you expect chocolate to be, and with it comes that creamy flavor that you get with most rich milk vapes. If you are a chocolate fan, this is truly the flavor to start off with. Country Clouds E-Juice puts together some amazing vape juice products. I have yet to try one that I haven't liked. Their Corn Bread Puddin' vape juice is still the best selling product in the last year on our retail website. If you haven't tried one from Country Clouds, I would sincerely say that you are missing out. We have Chocolate Puddin' in 60ml bottles and it currently runs $19.95 a bottle.

#4 - White Chocolate Mocha by Beancha eJuice

Number four on our list for the week is White Chocolate Mocha by Beancha eJuice. This is Beancha eJuice's take on the white chocolate mocha flavor. Like Nitro Cold Brew's take on this popular vape juice, Beancha eJuice has put together a pretty amazing ejuice. It truly tastes like a fresh cup of hot chocolate, except a little creamier... We have this available in 30ml and 120ml bottles. You can get it for either $15.00 a bottle or $40.00.

#5 - Miss Samoa by FAQ Vapes

Last but not least is Miss Samoa by FAQ Vapes. Miss Somoa is an amazingly different take on chocolate. It is a cookie, chocolate, caramel & toasted coconut all wrapped up in the same vape juice. There is a lot of flavors going on in this juice that you really have to hit a few times before you can identify them all. You definitely get the rich milk chocolate flavor throughout the hit both on the inhale and exhale. The cookie flavor mixes in on the inhale while the caramel and coconut is more of an exhale thing. All in all, this is really an excellent flavor. Definitely worth checking out. We have it in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles and it starts out at $14.99 a bottle.

We have a little more than 300 or so products online with chocolate flavors mixed in with them. You can look through them all yourself by CLICKING HERE. We have them sorted for you by best selling. You will definitely find all five ejuice products listed above at the top of that list, plus literally hundreds more. You can also check out our DAILY DEALS that have some incredible juice products on sale ranging from 20% up to 70% depending on the brands. So, until next week... Have a GREAT week!

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