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Five Amazing Raspberry eJuice Flavors

Five Amazing Raspberry eJuice Flavors

I have been looking forward all week to talking about one of my favorite flavors... raspberries. It truly is an amazing flavor and it goes great with just about every other fruit flavor. Think about it... it goes great with watermelon, strawberry, blueberry (thus bluerazz), apple, and so many others. Personally, I think it goes best with blueberry. I am definitely not alone. So many others have paired these two together and have made some amazing vape juice. This week, we have five amazing raspberry flavors that will get you going... and maybe help you find a new favorite at the same time.

That being said, here we go...

#1 - Marea by Ritual Craft Vapor Liquid

Starting off we have Marea by Ritual Craft Vapor Liquid, which has been on my previous top lists. It is described as an "amazing concoction perfectly mixes blueberries and raspberries together, then blends them into a perfect snowy treat". Of course, this is a raspberry and blueberry mash-up. Two perfect flavors blended together to make for the perfect vape. We have this amazing blend in 60ml and 120ml bottles starting at $25.00. It is a five star vape and if you read the reviews, everyone loves it.

#2 - Blue Slushie by Keep It 100 eJuice

Number two on my list is Blue Slushie by Keep It 100 eJuice. I have reviewed this vape juice before. In fact it has shown up on my top lists at least three different times. There is definitely a reason for this. It is an amazing vape juice. It is sweet strawberries and mystical blue raspberries blended together for a perfect concoction. We have this available in 100ml bottles for $24.00. We have about 30 or so in stock as of today, so if you want yours, I suggest getting it now.

#3 - Blue Razz Cotton Candy by Fogworks Premium E-Liquid

Third on my list is Blue Razz Cotton Candy by Fogworks Premium E-Liquid. This is a serious mix between cotton candy, blueberries and of course, raspberry. This is a serious sweet fruity candy mix. If you like sweet flavors, this one will definitely get you going. Also... you can't beat the price either. We have this in 120ml bottles for $15.99.

#4 - Sauce by Chain Vapez E-Liquid

Coming in at number four on my list is Sauce by Chain Vapez E-Liquid. It is described as "freshly plucked raspberries simmering with sweet lemons come together in this mouthwatering flavor". It is basically a rasp-lemon berry flavor. Two of the top five selling flavors come together to make an amazing berry sour flavor that will leave you satisfied. We have this available in 100ml bottles for $29.99.

#5 - Mystic Magic by Magic Vapor eJuice

Last on my top five for the week is Mystic Magic by Magic Vapor eJuice. Mystic Magic mixes together mango, tangerine, and raspberry. Three great flavors. This is one of those great mash-ups of some amazing strong fruit flavors. I tried this a few weeks back and it is definitely sweet, and has a slight citrus touch at the end that completes the whole thing. We have this available in 100ml bottles for $24.99. This is a popular vape juice, so it goes in and out of stock regularly. If you see it in stock and are thinking about it, grab it while you can.

So, that is our list of for the week. In the next few weeks, I am going to put together a few lists for Fall and one for Halloween. Keep your eye out on our blog, and if you are interested in us highlighting a flavor or a product line, click on our contact link and let us know. We are always looking for something new to talk about. Have a GREAT week!

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