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Five Gummy Flavors That Mix Well With Fruit Vape Juice

Five Gummy Flavors That Mix Well With Fruit Vape Juice

Year after year, gummy flavored vape juice continues to top the candy vape charts. This is largely due to the fact that gummy bears come in some exciting fruit flavors with a candy hit to them. This week, I have found 5 great gummy and gummy bear flavored vape juice products that are worth giving a try. If you like fruit flavored vapes, then you might find that the extra candy flavor bump gives the juice a whole new flavor to the entire product. We have vaped all five of these products below and several of them are favorite ADV vapes for some of the guys and gals in the office. Let's see if we can find you something new to try...

#1 - Green Flash by Coastline Vapor E-Liquid

We are starting off with Green Flash by Coastline Vapor E-Liquid. This is straight up green apple gummy bear candy. The amazing apple flavor is only one-upped by the candy overtone that they give this amazing vape juice. You will love both the inhale and the exhale of this juice, and it will leave you wanting to come back for more. This makes for a perfect all-day vape. We have it available in 60ml bottles and 4 different nic levels for $15.00 a bottle. GREAT pricing!

#2 - Worms by Candy King eJuice

Next up on our list for the week is Worms by Candy King eJuice. What can you say about Candy King eJuice? They have mastered the fruit and candy e-juice flavors and they haven't looked back! Worms is a mixed fruit, sweet and sour gummy candy worms vape juice. They have mixed together some amazing fruit flavors, giving the vape juice a traditional mixed fruit sweetness, and then on top of that, you get a great candy taste on the exhale that will blow your mind. If you haven't tried this vape juice yet, or anything from Candy King, you are missing out completely! We have this available in 100ml bottles and three different nicotine levels. Right now they $25.00 a bottle, which is a great price for an amazing vape juice that most of us in the office have tried and loved!

#3 - Red Shark Gummies by Shark Gummies E-Liquid

Red Shark Gummies by Shark Gummies E-Liquid is next up on our list. S.W.K. is described as a "strawberry fruit punch shark shaped gummy candies paired with the most subtle hint of sweet cream." This is perfect for all of our strawberry lovers out there. Match that strawberry with some cream, all on a gummy candy base, and you have the setting for an incredible vape juice. We have this available in 30ml, 60ml, and 100ml bottles, and three different nicotine levels. Right now the 30ml bottle goes for only $16.99 a bottle. Great price for a incredible vape juice!

#4 - Don't Care Bear by Bad Drip eJuice

Number four on our list for the week is Don't Care Bear by Bad Drip eJuice. Bad Drip eJuice is in the business of making some really incredible vape juice products. They continue to be some of the best selling products on our websites year after year. Don't Care Bear is one of the amazing vape juice products described as "Gummy Bears dusted with sugar crystals; is bound to give you the best vape of your life!" They said it. Best vape of your life? We think it is up there as one of the best tasting gummy bear vapes on the market. We have tried it and it is the favorite vape juice of at least three of our guys in the office. We have this available in 60ml and 120ml bottles, and three different nic levels. Right now it runs $18.75 a bottle, as it is on sale at 25% off through this weekend and the beginning of the week. Get it while it is on sale! In fact, grab two.

#5 - Patch's by Doctor Big Vapes eJuice

Last up on our list is Patch's by Doctor Big Vapes eJuice. Patch's is best described as a "handful of juicy watermelon raspberry gummy rings". It is a simple vape juice with a very complex mixture of fruit and candy flavors. It brings together the sweet fruit taste of watermelon and raspberry, and then slams a great candy flavor on top of it all, making for the perfect mixture of flavors. If you love watermelon, you are definitely going to taste it in this vape juice in a big way... and it is good! We have this available in 120ml bottles and three nic levels for $24.95 a bottle.

So, as I type this, you are surviving Valentine's Day... or maybe you haven't. Either way, you are going to need some great vape juice to get you through next week. We have a ton of stuff available and a bunch of stuff on sale. Click on any of the banners on the front page of the website for some new exciting vape juice on sale. You can also check out our DAILY DEALS that have some incredible juice products on sale ranging from 20% up to 70% depending on the brands. So, until next week... Have a GREAT week!

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