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Give An Exciting Pomegranate Flavored Vape Juice A Try!

Give An Exciting Pomegranate Flavored Vape Juice A Try!

This week, we are going back to fruit flavors with five great vape juice products with pomegranate in them. Depending on when they are picked and consumed, pomegranates have a similar taste somewhat like a ripe cherry to more of an uncooked cranberry. They definitely have a tart or sour taste to them, meaning that they are a little more acidic. They mix really well in vape juice, and especially with a medley of different fruits. The most popular mixes are with strawberries and kiwi. Anyhow, we have five great vape juice flavors for you, that include this amazing fruit.

#1 - Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid

We start off this week with Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid. We have talked a lot about Naked 100 E-Liquid. In fact, we have probably talked about them in more than half of our blog articles over the last year or so. Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid is a very popular product from their amazing collection of products. It combines the rich flavor of strawberry, tartness of a kiwi, and sweet ruby red pomegranates. Leaving you with a very cool and satisfying exhale. It is still one of my personal favorites to vape. We also now have it in Nicotine Salt as well for those of you who want a bigger hit. We carry this in the 60ml bottle currently on sale at $19.99 a bottle ($5.00 Savings).

#2 - Stoner's Delight by Vapes Gone Wild E-Liquid

Next up on our list for the week is Stoner's Delight by Vapes Gone Wild E-Liquid. Stoner's Delight is a masterful mellow blend of Melons, Berries, and Creams. This Kaleidoscope of flavors that will constantly leave your mind blown. Vaping Stoner’s Delight is an experience that will have you saying “Yeah Man!” Notes: Honeydew, Strawberry, Watermelon, Kiwi, French Vanilla, Bavarian Cream, Vanilla Custard, Mixed Berries, and Pomegranate. This has just about everything except for the kitchen sink. we have this available in 60ml and 120ml bottles, and they run $25.00 and $29.99 a bottle, while supplies last!

#3 - Pomegranate Potion Apple Elixirs by Firefly Orchard eJuice

Pomegranate Potion Apple Elixirs by Firefly Orchard eJuice is next up on our list. Firefly Orchard eJuice has put together apples and pomegranates, as they blend together so well. You'll wonder where this flavor has been your whole life. Again, the sweet taste of apple blends together so well with pomegranates, giving you both the sweet and tart flavors, and at different times. This is great mix for any fruit lover! We have it available in 60ml bottles for $21.95.

#4 - Reds Berries by Reds Apple eJuice

Number four on our list for the week is Reds Berries by Reds Apple eJuice. Reds Apple eJuice puts out some amazing vape juice. They sell really well on our websites. We can barely keep them in stock. Reds Berries is a tangy blend of blueberry, raspberry and pomegranate paired with our iconic apple E-Juice. This really is some amazing juice. You get that sweet blueberry and raspberry on the inhale and a tangy pomegranate on the exhale... and the apple you taste all of the way through both the inhale and the exhale. It mixes well and it truly is a great vape juice worth having! We have this available in 60ml bottles and it currently runs $24,00 a bottle.

#5 - Andromeda by Space Jam eJuice

Last but not least is Andromeda by Space Jam eJuice. Space Jam has always been one of my favorite vape juice companies. they make some pretty decent ejuice and you really have to love their green liquid and bottles. Andromeda is a natural and artificial blueberry pomegranate flavor. It has all of the sweetness that you would expect from the blueberries, and then you add the pomegranate for a more tart taste. You seem to get a little of both on the inhale and the exhale. This really is a great ejuice flavor and definitely worth giving a try. It is currently available in the 60ml bottle for $24.99 a bottle.

We have a little more than 125 or so products online with pomegranate flavors mixed in with them. You can look through them all yourself by CLICKING HERE. We have them sorted for you by best selling. You will definitely find all five ejuice products listed above at the top of that list, plus literally hundreds more. You can also check out our DAILY DEALS that have some incredible juice products on sale ranging from 20% up to 70% depending on the brands. So, until next week... Have a GREAT week!

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