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Let Them Eat Cake... Or At Least Vape It!

Let Them Eat Cake... Or At Least Vape It!

Who doesn't love cake? I truly believe that I could eat cake every day of the week. That being said, this week's blog article is appropriately named "Let Them Eat Cake". Dessert flavors are definitely very popular on our websites. We have more than 2800 products dedicated to desserts, and over 350 of them dedicated to cake! So... I have decided to list the top five selling cake vapes and give you a little more information about each. I have personally tasted four out of the five products on this week's list. So maybe I can help you find something new to try this week.

That being said, here we go...

#1 - No. 32 by Beard Vape Co eJuice

Starting off this week, we have No. 32 by Beard Vape Co eJuice. No. 32 is an amazing cinnamon funnel cake. This is the flavor that made Beard Vape famous. This has always been my favorite cake vape. It has an amazing flavor that makes it perfect for an all-day vape. You will definitely love this vape juice! In fact, if you don't, send it back. I'll take it! We have this in 60ml and 120ml bottles, and we dropped the 60ml bottle down to $15.00. so the price can't be beat either!

#2 - Legendary by Levels E-Juice

Number two on my list is Legendary by Levels E-Juice. So Legendary is technically not a "cake" per se, but it is banana nut bread, and that makes it amazing in my book. This is one of those vapes that as you open the bottle and smell that amazing banana mixed with nuts... hmmm... It takes great too. Everyone I talk with who has tried this, says that they love it. OUr reviews agree. We have it in 120ml bottles and it is $24.99. Definitely worth trying!

#3 - Ringo by British Vapor Co eJuice

Third on my list this week is Ringo by British Vapor Co eJuice. Ringo, named after Ringo Starr, is a strawberry cake flavor. It has an incredibly strong strawberry base that mixes in great as you exhale and get that amazing cake flavor with it. This is a serious dessert vape juice. We have this available in 60ml bottles for $19.00.

#4 - Cereal Killa Duchess by King's Crest E-Liquid

Coming in at number four on my list is Cereal Killa Duchess by King's Crest E-Liquid. It is a collaboration of two industry legends. 9 South Vapes creator of the world-renowned Cereal Killa and Kings Crest, recipient of multiple best in show awards. Cereal Killa Duchess is a creamy cereal milk cake sure to delight the senses. We have this available in 100ml bottles. It is currently $25.00.

#5 - Lemon Butter Cake by Decent Juice Co

Last on my top five for the week is Lemon Butter Cake by Decent Juice Co. It is a decadent butter cake layered with zestful lemon. These profiles come together to form a delicious and well balanced taste profile! A next-level bakery flavor. And who doesn't love butter cake right? This truly has an amazing dessert flavor and the lemon just adds to the overall mix perfectly. We have this available in 60ml bottles. It is currently $22.99 a bottle and it is definitely worth it.

So, that is our list of for the week. Hopefully this is helping you get into the the dessert mood! Have a great week!

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