WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Springtime Iced Tea Vape Juice To Cool You Off

Springtime Iced Tea Vape Juice To Cool You Off

As Spring arrives, so does warmer weather and less rain and snow. So, I thought we would give iced tea a look this week, since it often goes well with warmer weather, and it is also quite popular here on eJuiceDB. Iced tea is one of those flavors that often mixes in with some other fruit flavor like blueberry, strawberry, lemon, or something else that has a bit of a fruity kick to it. Let's take a look at the five most popular ice blends that we have available...

#1 - Front Porch by OOOFlavors E-Juice

We start off this week with Front Porch by OOOFlavors E-Juice. Front Porch definitely reminds you of sipping iced tea on the front porch somewhere back east like Georgia. It starts off with of course, a Georgia peach, and then blend in amazing iced tea. It is a spot-on iced tea with just enough peach to make this sweet, and tasty. Definitely works for those who love iced tea. We have this available in 120ml bottles and four different nicotine levels. It currently runs $29.99 a bottle.

#2 - Just Peachy by Vape Models Liquid eJuice

Next up on our list for the week is Just Peachy by Vape Models Liquid eJuice. Just Peachy blends a mouthwatering peach iced-tea flavor touched with the perfect hint of sweet citrus to captivate your taste-buds. The name speaks for itself, it's Just Peachy! Again, the peach blends in nicely with the iced tea flavor, like they were both made for each other. We have this available in 30ml bottles, and it currently runs $16.99 a bottle.

#3 - Lychee Lauren by Okami Brand eJuice

Lychee Lauren by Okami Brand eJuice is next up on our list. The imaginative result of combining two unique Southeast Asian fruits to create a one of a kind apex flavor experience. It is a perfect pairing of a white peach, lychee, and ice tea together. Th lychee flavors add a different tqist on the traditional peach iced tea that elevates it perfectly. We have this available in 100ml bottles for $18.00.

#4 - Northern Lights by Bomb Bombz E-Liquid

Number four on our list for the week is Northern Lights by Bomb Bombz E-Liquid. A ripe mango that's bursting with flavor combined with a sweet, tangy, juicy mangosteen, which proclaims to be the "Queen of Fruits." It's the perfect blend of two exotic fruits on the planet. The mango mixes perfectly with the rare mangosteen, which taste like a mix between lychee and peach. All together, they mix in well with the iced tea, giving it a sweet tasty flavor. We have it available in 100ml and it runs $25.00 a bottle.

#5 - Original by Halfies Lemonade E-Liquid

Last but not least is Original by Halfies Lemonade E-Liquid. Halfies Lemonade E-Liquid call their products a "Half & Half" drink. This lemonade/iced tea blend is reminiscent of a warm summer day, as they would say. It is a traditional lemonade iced tea, which is probably one of my favorites. You get that sweet and tangy lemonade mixing in with that refreshing taste of iced tea, for a perfect combination. We have this available in 30ml bottles for $25.00 each.

We have a little more than 40 or so products online with iced tea flavors mixed in with them. You can look through them all yourself by CLICKING HERE. We have them sorted for you by best selling. You will definitely find all five ejuice products listed above at the top of that list, plus literally hundreds more. You can also check out our DAILY DEALS that have some incredible juice products on sale ranging from 20% up to 70% depending on the brands. So, until next week... Have a GREAT week!

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