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Top Five eJuice Brands For The Week

Top Five eJuice Brands For The Week

Here is a quick rundown of what is selling this week. This is often a good indicator of popular products that are on the rise, and of course, new flavors that we are carrying. Either way, maybe it will give you a few ideas to help you decide on trying something new. If not... well, you might want to check out my blog post on Naked 100 E-Liquid or even our Summer Kick-Off Flavor Picks. Both have great advice on finding a new flavor to try.

So, that being said, here are our top five for the week...

Corn Bread Puddin' by Country Clouds E-Juice

Nothing tastes better than a good ol' fashioned recipe for homemade corn bread pudding right? With 82 reviews on our website for this product, it has a solid 5 star rating. From everything everyone is saying, it is definitely loved... and it tastes exactly as it says it does. I also noticed that several people say that we have it for about half the price that they are finding it locally for, so that is great news as well. Anyhow, this might just be a great new vape for anyone who loves custard/pudding vapes and has a taste for corn bread! It looks like it might just be worth trying out.

Strawberry by Drip Wich eJuice

Second up on our list is Strawberry by Drip Wich eJuice. The product description describes this as a totally rad waffle ice cream sandwich, slammed with a righteous strawberry syrup! According to our website, there are 19 product reviews and it holds it's own with a solid 5 star rating. I think it is also worth mentioning that in the reviews several people are pretty happy with our fast shipping for this vape juice. Can't go wrong there. Anyhow, there are also quite a few people saying that this is their favorite vape juice. It has a strong strawberry base to it, so that is a huge plus. It is definitely a dessert lovers juice. This juice has also started rising in popularity on our website. I noticed that it just missed our Top 10 Strawberry eJuice Flavors blog post a few weeks back. YOu may want to take a look and give this one a try!

Just Reds E-Liquid

Next up is Just Reds E-Liquid. This is one I have personally tried and I think it is a pretty good vape juice. We have 33 reviews on our website for it and it has a solid 5 star rating. Just Red is all about the candy fruit flavors. It is packed with strawberry, watermelon, cherry and fruit punch, all in one vape. It is literally like you are eating a bag of Starbursts. No better way to describe it. If you are looking for a new fruit flavor vape, this one should get your attention. We have it available in 100ml bottles and it is 25% off right now for $22.50 a bottle. If you want to try it, you might want to grab it while it is on sale.

Butter Pecan Caramel by Drip Wich eJuice

Coming in at number four on our list this week is another flavor from Drip Wich called Butter Pecan Caramel. It is a completely far out butter pecan ice cream, sandwiched between two wicked waffles, drenched with an excellent caramel syrup! How can that not sound absolutely delicious? We have 25 reviews for this product on the website and it has a 5 star rating. I think I like the last rating the best. The comment says that "this juice is where it’s at". What a solid opinion. Anyhow, we have it available in 60ml and 100ml, in varying nic strengths. Everyone says that it has a bold pecan flavor, so if you like nutty vape juice, this might be worth a try.

Jungle on Ice by Carter Elixirs

Last but not least on my top five for the week is Jungle on Ice by Carter Elixirs. It is a menthol vape pack with banana, pineapple, pear, strawberry, and guava. This fruit juice has a little of everything. For sure this is one of those vapes that you really have to like menthol to go for it, but if you do, this is definitely very fruity with a cool exhale. It has 35 reviews on our website and as with all of the vapes in our list this week, it has a 5 star rating. The best description from our customers comes with an excellent quote, "Tried a ton of juices this is the best. Cooling but without the menthol burn." It kind of says it all. It is available in 120ml bottles and is in stock and available for immediate delivery.
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