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How To Build Your Own Coils

How To Build Your Own Coils: An Overview for Beginners

There are many advantages to making your coils. First, you can save tons of money; you can get better performance and flavor out of your coils, and last, you can get the sense of pride that comes with knowing you created something from scratch. But how exactly do you make your coils? In this brief overview, we give you the stepping stones needed to start your coil building journey. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Things You'll Need to To Build Vape Coils
  2. Things to Know Before Beginning
  3. How To Make Vape Coils: Step by Step
  4. Conclusion

Things You'll Need To Vape Coils

Before you start building your coils, you'll need to buy the necessary tools to create vape coils. These tools and equipment include:

  • RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is the easiest to work with initially, so if you're making your first leap into coil building, get an RDA first.
  • Coil Building Kit: You can find these kits online or in your local vape shop, and they come with everything you need. They also vary significantly in price. But we recommended you get a kit on the more expensive side of things since not only will it last you longer, but it will be made with better quality materials. 
  • Wire: For your first wire, we recommended you use Kanthal. Since it is the simplest and easiest to use wire in the vaping world, you'll want to get 24 or 26 gauge.
  • Ohm's Reader: This device will let you know if the coil lands on the target resistance and is also used to pre-fire the device.

Things to Know Before Beginning

The type of coils you end making will depend on what kind of RDA you have and what resistance of wire you want. More importantly, the kind of deck you have, whether it is a dual coil or single coil, will decide what you will make. In essence, what wire you're going to work with, the resistance you're aiming for, and the type of RDA and deck you have will determine how you make your coils. So make sure you know this beforehand.

How To Make Vape Coils: Step by Step

There are essentially three steps to building coils. One of them is planning the coil using a calculator, the other is the coil wrapping, and finally, the last step is installing the coils. These are the three steps needed to make your coils. So let's start with the planning of the coil. 

Planning the Coil

First, you'll want to head over to steam-engine.org, and on the top, you'll want to click on the "Coil Wrapping" section. The calculator is pretty straightforward, although it can look complicated. The first thing you'll want to do is head over to the "Material and profile section" for material leave as "Kanthal A1 / APM" and for profile leave as "Round."

Next, on the calculator, on the "Diameter of the Wire" section, you'll want to input the gauge of the wire in the section that says "AWG." Next on the "Setup" section, you'll want to choose the option of "Dual Coil," but this will depend on the type of deck you have. If your deck uses a single-coil, change the "Setup" to a single coil. 

When you get to the "Target resistance" section, it varies depending on what you're aiming for. Here it would be best if you went with whatever you're comfortable vaping. If you sub-ohm vape with a 0.6 coil, we suggest you aim for this 0.6 resistance. 

On the "Inner diameter of the coil" section, you'll want to put 3mm since this is pretty standard when it comes to RDAs. And finally, on the "Leg length (total per coil)," you'll also want to leave it is as is, so 5mm. 

After inputting all the information, you should get "Results" on the right side of the calculator. The most important thing to focus on in this section is "The Number of Wraps," which will tell you how many wraps it will take to create your coil. 

Wrapping the Coil

Wrapping the CoilNow that you have planned the coil and know precisely how many wraps to make, it's time to wrap the coil. In this section, you will need the following materials (which should have come with your coil building kit):

  1. Coil Jig
  2. Metal Tweezers
  3. Ceramic Tweezers
  4. Wire Cutters
  5. Scissors
  6. Small Flathead and Phillips Screwdrivers
  7. Ohm's reader 
  8. Wire (Kanthal A1 24 to 26 gauge)

The easiest way to wrap a coil is to use a Coil Jig. A Coil Jig is a device that comes with different-sized rods representing the coil's inner diameter. We will use the 3mm for this guide since we put it on the coil calculator. Make sure to screw the rod into the Coil Jig so it is ready to be used.

Installing the Coils

Next, you'll want to install the wrapped coils. To do this, screw your RDA deck into an Ohm's reader. (IMPORTANT: Make sure Ohm'sOhm's reader is turned off) Once the deck screws into the Ohm's reader, unscrew the screws in your deck's posts so you can insert the wrapped coils. 

Most likely, the wrapped coil legs will be much too long and won't fit since they will be too tall. So you have to cut them down to size. Here you'll have to measure by eye, but once you nail the perfect height, go ahead and put both coils on the rod of the Coil Jig and snip the other legs of the coil according to the height of the coil that has already been cut. 

Next, take the coil, put it inside the rod, and install it on the deck's posts, making sure to screw the posts once they are inside. You'll find that with the rod, you'll be able to adjust the shape of the coil better as you install them. One thing to remember is to make sure the coils are installed more toward the outside of the deck and less toward the center. 

The next step is to pre-fire them with Ohm's reader. Turn on your Ohm'sOhm's reader, and using your ceramic tweezers, you'll want to slightly adjust the coils so they reach the resistance target since they will always be a little off after installing them. Please do this by strumming them like a guitar or pinching them together. 

IMPORTANT: While pre-firing, only use ceramic tweezers and NEVER metal objects like screwdrivers which could cause a short circuit, and you could burn yourself! Remember that if you insert your metal rod to fix the shape first, TURN OFF your Ohm's reader. 

Remember to pre-fire by gently pulsing the Ohm's reader on and off, do not hold the pre-fire as the coils could melt. Once the coils glow evenly from the inside out and the middle, they will be ready to be wicked. 


We hope that with this brief overview, you can get the courage to step into the world of coil building. But remember that this is a quick overview and that you should do way more research before creating your vape coils. Remember also that your coil builds will depend mainly on the type of deck you have, the resistance you're aiming for, and the type of wire you plan on using. And just like with any hobby, remember that practice makes perfect.


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