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How To Become a Cloud Chaser: Tips and Recommendations

How To Become a Cloud Chaser

Andres Roman |

If you are a vaper, you might have seen cloud chasers on forums or websites. Individuals that blow large amounts of vape clouds and perform tricks that almost seem impossible. So it’s not rare that you might have wondered how to cloud chase.  

In this blog, we’ll give some initial guidance on becoming a cloud chaser, what you first need to know, and some tips and tricks, including the correct technique for blowing the most giant clouds of vapor possible. 

Table of Contents

  1. What Is a Cloud Chaser?
  2. How to Become a Professional Cloud Chaser (Tips and Recommendations)
  3. Conclusion

What is a cloud chaser?

A cloud chaser is a person that does cloud chasing. Cloud chasing refers to the act of creating the most significant clouds of vapor possible. Cloud chasers pride themselves in creating specially built box mods and practice regularly to get the right techniques down, make giant plumes of vapor, and perform tricks with the vapor. 

Cloud chasing is so popular that it is considered a sport inside the vaping community. There are events and competitions where cloud chasers compete for cash prizes, and the winners are decided on the most significant clouds blown or the best tricks performed. 

How to Become a Professional Cloud Chaser (Tips and Recommendations)

How to Become a Professional Cloud Chaser

Everyone can become a vaper, but it takes special knowledge to become a cloud chaser. Cloud chasing requires a working knowledge of battery safety, ohm’s law, coil building, and the types of wires and their effects used in coil building. All of these things are interrelated, and you’ll use all of them when building a box mod. 

We recommend you spend months studying all of these concepts before attempting to become a cloud chaser. After you have learned how to build a coil in an unregulated box mod and have made several, you’ll be ready to start building your first box mod for cloud chasing. 

Once you’re ready, you’ll need to keep these concepts and cloud chasing tips in mind when preparing to become a cloud chaser:

  1. Battery Safety
  2. Airflow
  3. Type of e-juice
  4. Type of mod you’ll be using
  5. Type of atomizer
  6. Wicking
  7. Coil Build
  8. Body posture or Technique

Battery Safety 

Perhaps the most important thing you have to consider when trying to become a cloud chaser is understanding battery safety. Battery safety is critical since most box mods you’ll use in cloud chasing will be unregulated (meaning they will not have any chipset with safety features) and require external rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that pack extreme power. If handled poorly, they could cause an explosion. 

That’s why you have to invest in good batteries from reputable sellers. Stick only to Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic batteries. 


You’ll want an airflow from your top cap, that hits a happy medium. Too much airflow will mean less dense clouds. Not enough airflow will make less vapor. So remember to hit a happy medium or find the setting that creates dense clouds without compromising cloud volume. 

Type of E-juice

With cloud chasing, you’ll want e juice that has zero percent nicotine and 100% vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is the ingredient that creates the density in the clouds and is also responsible for creating more giant clouds. You’ll also want to have zero nicotine since you’ll be inhaling loads of e-liquid, and the last thing you want to get is too much nicotine in your system. So the best cloud chasing e-liquid is one that has at least 80% vegetable glycerin or higher and zero percent nicotine. 

Types of Mod

The best vape for cloud chasing is an unregulated box mod or a mech mod. Mech mods and unregulated box mods give you the raw power needed to create giant plumes of smoke. 

Type of Atomizer

You’ll want a rebuildable dripping atomizer or RDA to cloud chase. This is because RDAs offer an immense amount of vapor. Although some sub-ohm tanks can produce big clouds, RDAs remain the best atomizers when it comes to cloud chasing.  


The most critical part when wicking is that the wicking cotton has to remain tight in the coil since there is a possibility that it will collapse from the heat produced by the coil.

Coil Build

There are numerous coil builds that can be used for cloud chasing. But the most important thing is that the coils have low resistance—the lower the resistance, the more vapor that will be created. In essence, cloud chasing is sub-ohm vaping. 

Body Posture or Technique

Body Posture or Technique

Finally, you’ll need to know the right inhale and exhale technique to blow the immense clouds possible below. We show you how to blow giant clouds: 

The right technique for blowing an immense possible cloud of vapor is composed of four steps. First, you have to empty your lungs. To do this, you have to lean forward as you exhale, so the diaphragm is pushed and opens all the air from your chest. You’ll want to exhale into your mod, so vapor comes out from the sides. 

The second step is to inhale as hard as you can, which you’ll naturally do as soon as you stop exhaling into your mod. While inhaling, you’ll want to straighten your back up slowly until it is straight. 

Once you finish inhaling, you’ll be ready to exhale your clouds. To do this, you’ll want to exhale at a constant speed, and you’ll want to push your lower jab out, making sure your lower teeth go in front of your upper teeth. 

Finally, as you run out of air, you’ll want to close your lips as if you were to whistle to send a final push of air that will enlarge the clouds, making them look bigger. 


We hope that this guide serves as an initial stepping stone for those of you who want to become cloud chasers in the future, but most importantly, we want to stress again that you first do your homework and learn how to build coils and mech mods, before venturing into cloud chasing.  


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