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How To Make Your Voice Heard: Vaping Rights

vaping regulations 2020

Andres Roman |

Vaping, since its inception, has been under constant attack. It seems regulations pop-up every other month trying to ban vaping outright or eliminate the flavors vapers cite as the number one reason for vaping. 

In this blog, we go over what you, as a vaper, can do to fight vape regulations in your state and at the federal level, what flavor bans are, and what pro-vaping organizations you can join that will ensure a future for vaping. 

Table of Contents

  1. Vaping Regulations: Flavor Bans
  2. What You Can Do to Protect Vapers Rights
  3. Organizations Protecting Vaping Rights
  4. Conclusion

Vaping Regulations: Flavor Bans

After the Federal ban of flavored pods and cartridges by President Trump earlier this year, states took it upon themselves to implement even harsher laws eliminating all flavored non-tobacco products (vapes and e-juices) from the shelves of vape shops and tobacco specialty shops. 

Although only five states have successfully passed complete flavor bans, many states are still pushing and will push in 2021 for total flavor bans, and this bad for the vaping industry because:

  • Flavors help vapers quit cigarettes.
  • Flavors entice current smokers to become vapers.
  • Without flavors, current vapers will go back to smoking. 
  • Finally, a black market of vape goods will be created if flavor bans continue.

To prevent this, the vape community must come together and rally behind a more sensible legislature that won’t take flavors away from vapers. For this, each vaper must start to engage in vape advocacy actively. But where does one begin protecting vapers’ rights?

What You Can Do to Protect Vapers Rights

support vaping rights

There are many things individuals can do to protect vapers’ rights. You can start by contacting and knowing who your representatives are, tracking local legislature, joining pro-vaping organizations, attending hearings and local government meetings, and finally registering to vote while participating in local, state, and national elections. 

Know Your Representatives

This step is crucial if you want to overturn or prevent flavor bans in your state. To find out who your congressmen/congresswomen and representatives are, go to this link and input your address and zip code. 

Once you know who your representatives are, you can start calling them, emailing them, or even writing them letters. While there are templates you can find online from vaping organizations, the best way to reach their desks is by writing a wholly personalized message or email explaining how vaping flavors have helped you.

Track Local & State Legislature

Another way to advocate and fight for your vaping rights is to track the local legislature. The easiest way to track local legislature is to join pro-vaping groups and organizations that will continuously keep you up to date with the latest bills via emails, social media, and mail. You can also read the local newspaper for important legislation happening in your municipality or state.  

Join Pro-Vaping Organizations

Joining pro vaping organizations might be the easiest way to fight for your vaping rights. Most of these organizations will keep you up to date with legislation changes that affect vaping and what actions you can take to help their efforts.

You can also help these organizations by informing them of local or state laws that aim at constraining vaping, by assisting them in organizing public demonstrations, or by donating to these organizations so they can keep working toward keeping vaping flavors intact.

Attend Hearings and Local Government Meetings

If possible, remember to let your voice be heard in hearings and local government meetings. Make sure to prepare a script and review the pain points you want to go over. Cite scientific research and come prepared to state your case. 

Make your Vote

Finally, remember to make your vote count. Actively participate in local, state, and national elections. If possible, make sure to do your research and find out each of your representatives’ stand on vaping and if they will most likely support a flavor ban in the future.

Organizations Protecting Vaping Rights

Perhaps the easiest way to become an advocate for vaping rights is to become a member of an organization actively involved in protecting vaping. Here are four organizations that are fighting the good fight.


The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is perhaps the most prominent organization fighting for vapers’ rights. As an official 501(4)(c) non-profit organization CASAA has over 250 thousand members. 

On the CASAA website, you’ll be able to find news articles, calls to action, local alerts, scientific research, among many other resources. The best part is that membership is free. To join, click on this link

American Vaping Association

Founded by Gregory Conley, who frequently testifies for vapers’ behalf in state legislatures, city councils, and other bodies, the American Vaping Association (AVA) is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization that is actively involved in the media. 

On their website, you can find scientific articles, up-to-date news on vaping legislation, and calls to action. Although you can’t join the organization, you can follow them on social media and join their mailing list, which will keep you informed of all vape related news. 

Vapor Technology Association

Finally is the Vapor Technology Association (VTA). VTA is the only national organization that can coordinate and lobby for vaping rights at both the federal and state level with specialized public policy specialists. 

Although membership costs $25 a year for individuals, you can rest assured your money will strengthen lobbying efforts to reach state and federal levels. Professionals will be working tirelessly to make your voices heard. Not only that, but by being a member, you’ll also receive deep discounts in select vaping stores. 


make your voice heard: vaping rights

From donating to your favorite pro-vaping organization to voting for the representative that will have your best interests in mind, there are endless ways to fight for your vaping rights. Remember that the more people who take action, the better vaping will fare in the United States and the world. 

DISCLAIMER: EjuiceDB articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them. Furthermore, Vaping products and nicotine use are only meant for persons over the age of 21.

Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.