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The Perfect Gift Ideas for Vapers 2022

The Perfect Gift Ideas for Vapers 2022

Andres Roman |

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s only right that we give you a few gift ideas for those special vapers in your life. And while some of these gifts are obvious (vape juice), others like a lockable box and coil building kits often don’t get enough love but are essential for any serious vaper to have. So without further ado, here are the perfect gift ideas for vapers in 2022. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Vape Juice
  2. Devices
  3. Coil Building Kit
  4. Lockable Box
  5. Drip Tips
  6. Conclusion

Vape Juice

If there is a perfect gift for vapers, it is vape juice. Vape juice, also called e-juice, or eliquid is the fluid that creates the vapor and the most important component when it comes to vaping. It comes in numerous flavors that range from fruit flavors all the way to beverage, candy, and even breakfast flavors. If you are looking to wow your loved one with a vaping gift, our first suggestion is that you buy vape juice. 

We suggest you take note of their favorite foods and try to find them in vape juice form. Whether that would be ice cream, chocolate, or even lemon meringue pie, there’s a good chance we have them in our store. But be aware that you also need to know a couple of other things.

Without going into too much detail, you definitely need to know the nicotine level they vape at. This is essential because if you buy them the wrong nicotine level, for example, if it is too strong, they might not like it, and if it is not strong enough, they won’t find the vape juice appealing. Usually, you can find the nicotine level on the vape juice label. So if you can’t ask them out loud what nicotine level they vape at, try to sneak a look at their vape juice label to see the nicotine level they use. 

While you can always buy them one new exciting vape juice bottle of a flavor they never tried, you can also buy them a sample pack of that brand if you know what brand they love. With sample packs, you can pick the three or four of the most popular flavors of a brand and save money by buying in bulk rather than one bottle at a time. Simply search for “sample pack” in our search bar, and you should be able to see some sample packs we offer.


Another gift vapers will always appreciate is a brand new device. In essence, the two most popular devices currently available are pod systems and box mods. While pod systems are considered more suitable for beginners, they can also be used by veteran vapers that need small no-frills traveling vape that can easily fit in their pocket. 

Although once again, if you plan on buying a pod system, you should be aware that there are two kinds, open pod systems, and closed pod systems. Closed pod systems use pre-filled pods that come already filled with vape juice. However, these pods are limited in flavors and only have menthol, mint, and tobacco flavors. But, with open pod systems, you can buy any kind of vape juice and use it alongside your pod system since they come with pods that can be opened and filled with different vape juices and come in many more flavors. So if you are giving a vaper a pod system, we recommend you choose an open pod system so they are not limited in the flavors they can vape. 

If your vaper is more of a veteran vaper, chances are they will be keen on collecting new and exciting box mods. Box mods are more powerful devices with LED displays, and many come with variable wattage to control how hot the coils burn or evaporate the vape juice. Needless to say, these are not devices for brand new vapers unless they feel ready for a more powerful device.

In our store, you can find a number of box mods that have been popular for years and have received rave reviews. We also offer starter kits that bring everything vapers need to start vaping the day they receive the gift. If you want to give your special vaper a box mod, make sure to check out this blog for the best box mod and best device starter kits in general. 

Coil Building Kit

Another gift strictly for veteran vapers who are interested in creating their own coils, or have recently started, is a coil building kit. This thoughtful gift will immediately delight anyone who has ambitions of building their own coils. With a coil building kit, your special vaper will get everything they need to cut and shape the wires and create their very own vape coils. The best coil building kit we offer is the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 which comes with Japanese Organic Cotton to create the wicks and even a 10 Foot Kanthal A1 spool of wire right from the box. 

Lockable Box

While we don’t sell lockable boxes, we think this is an ideal gift for any vaper that has multiple vape juices and maybe has pets or children. With a lockable box (which you can fill with vape juices when you give it to that special vaper), you can let them know that you are thinking of the safety of their pets and children who could get sick if they drink vape juice and will also give them the opportunity to get organized. With a lockable box, the vaper will have a perfect place to store all his vape products and vape items and will avoid possible spills that might occur because vape juices are spread out all over the house. 

Drip Tips

Finally, a great gift specially designed for vapers that use box mods and RDA or tanks, in general, is drip tips. These accessories, believe it or not, can affect the flavor and the vaping experience in general. They also come in various colors and materials and can add a whole lot of personality to someone’s vape, which is why we think they make great gifts. In our store, you can find a wide assortment of drip tips with various price points, so check them out by searching for “drip tips” in the search bar.


Although this is a very brief and concise gift guide, we do think these are some of the best gifts any vaper can receive. From vape juice to drip tips, all of these are bound to make any vape extremely happy. So take a look around in the eJuiceDB vape store and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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