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How Vapers Can Support Veterans During Memorial Day

How Vapers Can Support Veterans During Memorial Day

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the importance of Memorial Day. That’s what this blog post is all about, to remind our readers of the significance of this date and show them ways in which they can support our troops. In this blog post, we’ll talk a bit about the history of Memorial Day, how you can help veterans, and how a vape company is making a difference every year in the lives of those who gave everything to protect our freedom. 

Table of Contents

  1. Why We Celebrate Memorial Day
  2. How You Can Honor Veterans During Memorial Day
  3. Veteran Owned Vape Companies: Hometown Hero Vapor
  4. eJuiceDB Veteran Discounts
  5. Conclusion

Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

With the promise of a much-needed three-day weekend, It can be easy to lose track of the real reason why we celebrate Memorial Day. In actuality, while it is essential to take the time to reset and rest, we should also take the time to reflect on why this holiday exists in the first place. 

First known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day, as it is now known, was created to honor the fallen soldiers that died during the civil war (both Confederate and Union). While the reason is pretty straightforward, it is unknown where the holiday originated.

Many states claim to be the birthplace of Decoration Day, from Georgia to N.Y. both North and South honored their soldiers with ceremonies. In the end, Decoration Day served to heal and bring together a country that had been torn apart by war.

However, we can say that the event was considered a national holiday after World War II, where it became more commonplace for people of all states to honor this date. Years later, in 1967, it received the name of Memorial Day.

It wouldn’t be until 1968 that Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Act and designated Memorial Day to fall on May 31, making the holiday fall on the last Monday of May. This created a three-day weekend where we honor those that have fallen and thank them for everything they have done to keep freedom alive.  

How You Can Honor Veterans During Memorial Day

There are many ways to honor veterans during memorial day. But for starters, knowing the facts about the date and why it should be observed respectfully and not treated as an unofficial start to summer will go a long way in honoring fallen soldiers.

Another way to honor veterans during Memorial Day is to attend ceremonies and parades. But if, for example, you are too busy to partake in any festivities, you can always take part in the National Moment of Remembrance around 3 p.m. local time. The National Moment of Remembrance is a moment of silence held through the nation to honor veterans and soldiers who died, protecting our rights and freedoms. 

Another way you can honor veterans who died serving their country is by adopting a veteran gravesite and decorating it with flowers and wreaths. Since many soldiers' families have passed away, many of these graves need upkeep and what better time to do this than on Memorial Day? 

Finally, the best way you can honor veterans is by donating to organizations and nonprofits that help soldiers transition into society, like DAV (Disabled American Veterans Charity) and VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). We are proud to carry brands like Hometown Hero Vapor.

Veteran Owned Vape Companies: Hometown Hero Vapor

Another way vapers can help veterans is by supporting and buying from companies like Hometown Hero Vapor, which donate every year to DAV and VFW. 

Just last year, in November 2020, they donated $25,000 to both organizations and have made it their mission to aid and help these organizations from the very inception of their company. According to their website, “From the very beginning, Hometown Hero has had two missions. The first, to provide high-quality e-juice to all of our stellar customers, and second, to assist and support struggling veterans across the country by working with organizations like the DAV and VFW.”

If you want to support veterans with your vape juice purchase, there is no better way to do it than to buy Hometown Hero e-liquids, which are not only delicious but contribute to a great cause. 

Some of the best-selling flavors that Hometown Hero Vapor offers in the eJuiceDB store are Crunchy, Wild Buffalo, Turbo, and Witch Doctor. 

The first flavor to try is Crunchy, an excellent version of homemade rice krispy treats. After one puff, you’ll be hooked to the last drop.

Wild Buffalo is a spot-on recreation of a root beer float with a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream flavoring. Smooth and rich in flavor, this is one of their newest flavors but already a best seller in our store.

Turbo, one of their most beloved flavors, mimics a classic margarita. With notes of lush strawberry, agave, and even lemon zest, you’ll be transported to a Mexican beach without leaving your living room. 

And last but not least, Witch Doctor is a robust and elegant blend of chocolate and premium tobacco that brings our floral and sweet notes with every inhale you take. This is the fourth best-selling Hometown Hero vape juice in our store, and for a good reason. 

eJuiceDB Veteran Discounts

You’ll be glad to know that we also offer discounts to the Military, including active-duty members, veterans, and dependents. We also offer discounts to first responders, which include police, firefighters, and EMTs. You can visit the discount page by clicking here


Whatever you end up doing this Memorial Day, remember to pay tribute to the soldiers who fell defending our freedom. Whether you go to a parade, put flowers in a soldier’s grave, or take a minute out of the day to offer a moment of silence, let’s not forget the real meaning of why we celebrate Memorial Day. 

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Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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