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New in The Shop: New Vape Devices for April 2021

New Vape Devices for April

Andres Roman |

With our “New in the Shop” blog series, we’ll be bringing you the latest devices, vape juices, and new arrivals that have come into the eJuiceDB. In today’s blog, we highlight some of the most incredible devices that have come into the shop since 2021, started up until April. Here you will find pod systems, pod mods, and perhaps even the smallest box mod ever created. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in. 

Table of Contents

  1. Baton V2 Starter Kit
  2. GeekVape Wenax K1 Vape Kit
  3. Vaporesso Swag PX80 Vape Kit
  4. Aspire Nautilus Prime X 60W Vape Kit
  5. UWELL Whirl 2 Vape Kit
  6. Conclusion

Baton V2 Starter Kit 


Baton V2 Device Starter

Kit by Baton Vapor


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The Baton V2 Starter Kit is a decent pod system for beginners, and it also happens to be a true contender against the JUUL. Right from the package, you get the device, two refillable Baton pods, a micro USB charging cable, and a user manual.  

One of the exciting features about this device is that it has airflow on the sides, which also doubles as windows to see the level of nic salts currently on the device. Baton also makes closed pods with their signature flavors, but most people will probably use the refillable pods with their preferred nic salts. 

The device comes in six colors: Black, Electric Blue, Jade, Ruby Red, Tiffany Blue, and Pearl White. The device is auto-draw which means there are no buttons, you inhale, and it works. A small led light at the bottom lets you know when the device needs to be charged. All in all, this pod system is perfect for travel and when you don’t want to carry around your box mod. 

GeekVape Wenax K1 Vape Kit


GeekVape Wenax

K1 Vape Kit


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Another great offering by GeekVape is the Wenax K1 which is another excellent pod system for beginners. On opening the package you get, the device, the user manual, charging cable, and two refillable pods with fixed coils. 

What sets this device apart from the rest of the pod systems currently available is that it comes with three different power levels. Although it doesn’t say how many wattages the device rises, it does change color to indicate which group you’re at, with white being the lowest, blue being the medium power, and green being the highest power level. 

The device comes in several colors: Blue, Gold, Gunmetal, Black, Red, Sky Blue, Army Green, Pacific Blue, and Orange. It also has an impressive number of protections ranging from short circuit to overheat protection—overall a tremendous first-time pod system for beginners and a great travel vape for veterans.

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Vape Kit


Vaporesso Swag PX80

Vape Kit


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Carving itself a spot at the intersection between the box mod and the pod system (pod mod) is the Vaporesso Swag PX80. This small and nifty device comes with a user manual, the device, the charging cable, and comes with two GTX coils and a tank/pod. 

This small and stylistic pod mod has a stealth LED screen that seems to appear out of thin air on the carbon fiber side once you turn on the device. It also comes with an intelligent reading which immediately gives you the recommended wattage depending on the coil you use. 

Available in five colors: Leather brown, emerald green, imperial red, brick black, gunmetal grey, this device also takes a 18650 battery which gives you plenty of juice to last a few days, although you should familiarize yourself with vape battery safety before handling it. All in all an excellent pod mod for intermediate vapers who want a small yet powerful device. 

Aspire Nautilus Prime X 60W Vape Kit


Aspire Nautilus Prime X 60W

Vape Kit


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Using the excellent Nautilus coils, the Aspire Nautilus Prime X 60W Vape kit is a great pod mod for beginners. Inside the package, you will find the device, the user manual, A Type C charging cable, and two pods. 

Equipped with airflow control and with a 510 adapter that you can buy separately, you can turn this pod mod into a box mod by adding an RDTA (also sold separately) to the 510 connector. It also comes with an LED display and smart reading, which gives recommended coil wattage depending on the coil being used. 

The device comes in six colors Charcoal Black, Retro Brown, Hunter Green, Red Gradient, Blue Gradient, Maroon Gradient. While it is an excellent MTL pod mod, the true potential of this device is a small RDTA when the extra 510 connecter and RDTA accessory are bought separately.

UWELL Whirl 2 Vape Kit


UWELL Whirl 2

Vape Kit


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Perhaps the smallest 21700 box mod on the market, the Conick Box Mod, which comes with the UWELL Whirl 2 Vape Kit, is a great box mod that performs great considering its size. Inside the packaging, you’ll find extra O rings, a user manual, a charging cable, spare glass (for the Whirl 2 tank), and two coils. 

The main attraction for this box mod is the tank, which is the Whirl 2. The tank, which features airflow control, allows box mods users to experience mouth-to-lung vaping without sacrificing the direct-to-lung experience. 

The Conick Box Mod and the Whirl 2 tank come in Silver, Red, Black, and Blue. With an easy-to-use LED menu and the ability to switch between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung with the Whirl 2 tank, this makes this box mod a winner in our eyes. 


It seems like this year we’ll be seeing more and more of the smaller pod mod devices, which allow for 510 connectors, and the ability to get the mouth-to-lung hits as well as reservoirs of tanks and the performance of box mods. As the technology advances, we’ll be seeing more and more of these pod mods take over the market, which in our opinion, is excellent since it allows beginners and intermediate vapers a chance to experience box mods without having to shell out big bucks for these devices. 

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