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The top 10 disposable vape devices for 2022

Top 10 disposable vape devices for 2020

Andres Roman |

Disposables are all the rage these days. They are portable, small, and come in great flavors. They are an excellent option for people looking to get into vaping and perfect for veterans looking to vape discreetly. Disposables also usually cost about the same as a pack of smokes and come with about 1.2 ml to 2ml of e-liquid. 

What’s more, they come prefilled with nicotine salts, and you’ll never have to worry about recharging them. Once you use all the e-juice, you simply toss them out. The best part? There are hundreds of disposable vape flavors available, so chances are you’ll find exactly the flavored disposable vape pen you’re looking for. But, with all the disposables currently available, how do you pick the best one?

Well, fear not, we assembled the best top 10 disposable vape devices on the market. These vapes have been hand-picked for their excellent performance, taste profiles, and quality.  And the best part is that you can buy all of them on our EjuiceDB website. 

Pop Pods Disposable Device

Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 400 Puffs

Currently, POP is one of the best brands of disposables on the market. POP has made its mark by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their line-up comes in more than 24+ flavors and offers two disposable products, the POP Disposable Device, and the POP Extra Disposable Device. Both are pocket-sized and require no recharge—a must-have for vapers seeking new flavor experiences. 

VaporTech Pods Disposable Pod Device

Nicotine Strength: 6% Nicotine Salt By Volume

Lifespan: 280 Puffs

VaporTech’s Vapo Maxx is the brand’s disposable pod device. It comes in 6 delicious flavors and offers more than 280 puffs per disposable. It’s small, easy to carry, it’s draw-activated, and requires no recharge. A disposable well worth the money.  

VGOD STIG Disposable Pod Device

Nicotine Strength: 6% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 270 Puffs

Another great device on the market is the VGOD Stig Disposable Vape. The brand, which is better known by its box mods, has ventured into the disposable territory, and their offering VGOD Stig Disposable Vape does not disappoint.  It’s light as a feather, comes in 8 flavors, and it is draw-activated. Each device is equivalent to 20 cigarettes, so it should last you a couple of days. All in all, this is a great device to try out. 

Xtra Disposable Device

Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 1500+ Puffs

The Xtra Disposable Device is not just a name, it really does come with more extra puffs than the average disposable, five times more puffs to be exact. It’s light and compact and easily fits in the palm of your hand. It’s draw-activated, so there are no buttons, and it comes in 19 flavors, perfect for vapers looking for variety. 

Sea100 Pods

Nicotine Strength: 6% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 270 Puffs

SEA100 Pods are rich in flavor, small, and easy to store and carry. They stand out with flavors like Strawberry Menthol and Pink Lemonade and come button-less since they are draw-activated. With 6% nicotine, they will calm your cravings and last longer than expected. 

Pod King Disposable Device

Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 500+ Puffs

Long live the Pod King disposable. With almost 500 puffs, this device will last longer than most vapes out in the market. It also comes with a great array of flavors ranging from Lychee Ice to Orange Soda. A great replacement for your box mod when you want to vape discreetly. 

Puff Bar Disposable Pod System

Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 200+ Puffs

If taste profile is a factor you consider essential, don’t hesitate to reach for a Puff Bar. These delicious disposables vapes come in a large selection of flavors (20+) and are slim and easy to carry. Standout flavors include Grape, Tangerine Ice, and Watermelon. With a sleek design and no need to recharge, the Puff Bar is a must-have.

SixT-Q Disposable Device

Nicotine Strength: 6% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 400+ Puffs

If you are looking for a disposable that offers a relatively long lifespan and is packed with nicotine, then the Sixt-Q is what you are looking for. With a sleek design, this small and compact disposable is portable and stylish. Created by VooPoo, these disposables are as reliable as the vaping hardware they make. If you’re double guessing whether you should buy it or not, don’t, this is a purchase you won’t regret. 

Switch Mods Disposable Device

Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 300+ Puffs

Brought to you by DripMore, the creators of the Candy King line of e-juices, the Switch Mods Disposable Devices more than exceed expectations. With more than 15 plus original flavors, both vaping veterans and beginners can enjoy the Switch Mods. With no buttons or need to recharge, these devices are incredibly convenient. If you haven’t tried them yet, make the switch today, we promise you won’t be sorry.  

Loy XL Disposable Device

Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Salt by Volume

Lifespan: 1000+ Puffs

If you’re looking for a long-lasting experience, then the Loy XL has you covered. With about 1500 puffs and 5% nicotine strength, this vaping device will single-handedly take care of your cravings. It comes in 10 delectable flavors and requires no charge. Just puff, and you’re vaping—an excellent choice for beginners and veterans alike. 


Best disposable devices of 2020

Draw-activated, pre-filled, compact, and with no need to charge, disposable vapes are the most convenient devices on the vape market. And while at first the sheer number of disposable brands seems intimidating, you’ll get started on the right foot by trying any of the brands above.


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