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SMOK Nfix Mate Review

Product Review: SMOK Nfix Mate Review


SMOK Nfix Mate Vape Kit


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Known as the big brother of the SMOK Nfix, the recently released SMOK Nfix Mate is the natural progression of the SMOK brand into advanced pod systems. What you get is a small rectangular-shaped pod system that performs incredibly well and comes with an unheard of battery of 1100mAh that is the most significant selling factor this pod system boasts. 

Here's what you get with the SMOK Nfix Mate Kit: It comes with a user manual, a warranty card, a lanyard, two mouthpieces or drip tips covers, a USB type C charging cable, and two SMOK Nfix pods

There is a 15 to 25-watt DC MTL 0.8ohm pod, while the other pod is a 10 to 15-watt Mesh MTL 0.8ohm pod. The fill ports are on each pod's side, and each pod holds about 3.0ml of vape juice. There is also an available third pod you can buy separately, and this pod is a 15 to 25-watt SC MTL 1.0ohm pod.  

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Perhaps the most crucial feature this device has is its long-lasting battery of 1100mAh, a robust offering considering the device's size, which easily fits in the palm of your hand. It also comes with temperature control, allowing you to change the wattage from 1 to 25 Watts. 

It's fast charging, only needing 90 minutes to charge fully. It comes with a 0.69 inch OLED screen that displays wattage, battery life, and a puff counter. This is a draw activated device, which means no activation button. You simply inhale, and the vape starts working (although you do have to turn it on first). Another feature is the fact that the pods are push-fit and held by magnets. 

It also comes with a chipset that boasts five protections: Lithium battery protection, 8-second cut-off, atomizer detection, short circuit protection, and low wattage protection. 

Finally, the pods are transparent, which allows the user to see the amount of e-liquid left in each pod, a simple but pretty nifty feature that SMOK had not done before. 


There are three different kinds of experiences to be had with the three other pods available. With the DC MTL dual coil pod, you can expect the highest flavor production, while with the Single Mesh MTL pod, you’ll get denser clouds. With the third pod sold separately, the SC MTL can expect a more substantial throat hit and more intense flavor. 

Quality and Design

The quality and design are super clean. With an aluminum body and a matte finish, it feels right at home in your hand. It is compact and lightweight and is rectangular, similar to smaller pod systems.

The added mouthpiece cover also provides a more hygienic experience, especially when you carry it in your pocket or purse, where lint and dirt could become attached to the end of the drip tip. 


To turn on the vape, all you have to do is click it five times, and it’s on. To turn it off, press it five times, and it will turn off. To adjust the wattage, click the button three times, then the wattage indicator will start blinking, and all you have to do is click it once to go up in wattage. When you get to 25 watts, it will go down to 1 watt, and the process will repeat. When you get to your preferred wattage, wait three seconds, and it will stop flashing. 

To fill the pod, all you have to do is take out the pod from the mod. Open the filling ports on the pods' side, insert your vape juice until the maximum level is reached, close the filling ports, and wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes for the coils to saturate thoroughly.

Battery Life

The battery is mighty for such a small device. Compared to the Nfix “pen-style” vape device, which only had a 700mAh battery, the Nfix Mate has a 1100mAh battery that will give at least 12 hours of power, depending on the wattage you vape on.  


The SMOK Nfix Mate comes in various colors that range from Silver, Grey, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver Blue, and 7-Color. So, there’s a color for every type of person. 


  • For starters, it comes with extra goodies. Like a lanyard and two mouthpiece covers. Perfect in case you lose one of them. The mouthpiece is also a nice touch, which makes the user experience more hygienic. 
  • The battery is exceptionally generous, with an 1100 mAh, this vape will last all day (or a couple) and then some. 
  • Another great feature and a definite pro for this device is the ability to change the wattage. With this option, you can customize your experience significantly. 
  • The see-through pods also allow the user to fill their pods without the fear of overfilling and spilling vape juice. 
  • The design is small and clean and comes in a variety of colors.


  • Although it will largely depend on the coil you’ll use, the airflow does seem a little loose on the mesh coil, which means you have to hit the vape a little more challenging. At the same time, the non-mesh coil seems to hit a little tighter. Depending on how you like your draw, this could be a con. 


All in all, this is an excellent offering by SMOK. They have been on the leading edge of vaping products for quite some time now, and this product serves to prove this and more. 

With a powerful battery, wattage adjustment, the small but friendly detail of adding mouthpiece covers, with a chipset with eight types of protection, the pod system of the future should look like.


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