WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

2021 Top 20 Virginia Tobacco Vape Juice Flavors

Virginia Tobacco stands apart from the other types of tobacco in that it is naturally sweet and has notes similar to caramelized sugar. Because of this, it has a light taste that blends perfectly with the harshness of tobacco. Some people even say it has syrup and maple notes. This is why we have created a top 20 Virginia tobacco vape juice line. Because we believe more people deserve to try out this delicious flavor. 

Some of the best selling Virginia tobacco vape juice include TNT Menthol by Innevape E-Liquids, TNT (The Next Tobacco) by Innevape E-Liquids, Gold Rush by Mighty Vapors, Bright Tobacco by Liqua Elements E-Liquid, American Blend by Liqua Elements E-Liquid, among many others. 

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