WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

2020 Top 20 Root Beer E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors

Root Beer vape juice flavors are some of the best tasting ejuice/eliquid products on the market today. Who can resist that beverage flavor that is naturally sweet and satisfying with every hit you take? If you love the amazing flavor of root beer, then take a look at our Top 20 Root Beer E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors below.

    Sass by 503 eLiquid

  1. Sass by 503 eLiquid
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    503 eLiquid

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    An old fashioned root beer flavor that actually tastes like the real deal, and not just like a candy. Enjoy with boots on.

    Bear Beer by Puffin E-Juice #1
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  3. Bear Beer by Puffin E-Juice
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    Puffin E-Juice

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    Attention root beer lovers! This strong flavor will have you hooked immediately. This is a perfect starter line that is a must for any shop. - 50/50 blend for the "throat hit" to better simulate smoking- Wide array of great flavors- Color coded ca...