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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Sea Air Disposable Vape Pen

The Sea Air Disposable Vape is the newest member of the Sea Pod Family. Small and easy to carry, it is an ideal disposable for travel. With more than 15 flavors, this is an excellent choice for ex-smokers looking to get into vaping. You not only get plenty of nicotine salts, 50mg to be exact, you also get to choose a variety of excellent flavors. It’s also draw-activated and holds approximately 600 puffs. 

  • Part of the SEA Pod family
  • Integrated Battery of 450mAh
  • Available in a ten pack
  • No need to charge, ready to use from the package

With no need to charge, or refill you simply open the package and start enjoying the Sea Air Disposable vape. Some standout flavors that must be tried to include Orange Sherbet, Kiwi Red Apple, Peach Mango, Pina Colada, and more. So if you are looking for a disposable that offers a wide variety of flavors, look no further than the SEA Air disposable vape.

Sea Air Plus Disposable Vape
Sea Air Plus Disposable Vape

Sea Air Disposable Device

$15.99 $19.98

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