WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Trix Flavored eJuice/eLiquid

Trix is a classic cereal flavor. With notes of grape, watermelon, lemons, and your favorite berries you can’t go wrong with this cereal. And due to its popularity and cult status it was only a matter of time before someone converted this delicious cereal into a vape juice. Which is why we are proud to say that we created this collection to highlight the best Trix flavored e-juice, which you can browse below. 

Although there are only three flavors with different variations of what Trix should taste like, we have to say these flavors are definitely worth a try. They are: Dojo Vanilla By Ronin Vape Co EJuice, Dojo Chocolate By Ronin Vape Co EJuice, and Dojo By Ronin Vape Co EJuice.

Finally, if you were never a fan of Trix or cereal inspired vape ejuices you can always check out our other collections that include Red bull flavored e-juice, mango flavored e-juice, ice cream flavored e-juice among many others.

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