WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

180ml Bundle by Mad Scientists eJuice

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180ml Bundle by Mad Scientists eJuice Description:

Mad Scientists eJuice 180ml Bundle

Includes Six Flavors:

  • Three Little Bears Went Sour - Some of our juice names were given to us by our kids. So bear with us. This is one of those-juices that will taste different to everyone. To me (the one who created this flavor) We have a great favorite childhood candy that has a sweet taste on the inhale and a sour on the exhale. It was one of the first juices made and is a great shake and vape. If you love anything licorice, then say hello to your next favorite-juice! It's like we poured in a bunch of gummy bears and sugar and a couple of fruits from the island.

  • Fruit Loops vs Stay Puff - One thing you won't ever wonder about this juice. I am 100% certain that the Stay Puff crushed the fruit loops! In doing so, he left us a flavor that pictures and words won't explain. The flavor profile on this juice has been one that we are quite proud of. Two great things in the world, combined in one bottle - fruit loops and marshmallows.

  • Pop N' Cherry - Say hello to your new all day vape! The creator of this juice has yet to put this one down. She keeps running back to this juice. If you have a love of cake and cherries, then look no further. This juice has a blend of flavors that will leave you craving more.

  • One Fish...Two Fish...Three Fish - Everything is in a name. Except, I promise you no fish are in our juices. This juice was created by our scientists, who are kids at heart. Like you, you will be shocked when you see how good it taste! It's sweet and a bit sour on the exhale. It's pretty good if you're into Swedish fish. If so, then add this to your cart.

  • Smoothielicious - This juice was created by accident, but it's one accident we have enjoyed. Another all day vape on the horizon! I can't list each and every item that was put into this juice, but 12ml of flavor was added! High profile-juice full of flavor. So, if you forgot to make your morning shake on the way out, don't even bother! Just grab this juice, and I can ensure you that you will have your daily dose of fruits! You will taste apples, pomegranate, peaches, strawberries and whipped cream! Some accidents are amazing - and I promise you this is one of them! 

  • Unicorn Poop - When you tell your kids they can name the-juice to be a part of something, things sometimes get out of control. Since I keep my word, the name stayed. The flavor of this juice stayed too and it won't disappoint! This juice will have your taste buds all over the place but in a good way. You will taste your favorite sweet candies (maybe), some sweet licorice or as many have said jelly beans (maybe) and cotton candy! Which is most likely where the name originated from. This high profile-juice is good - one of my favorites! I'm not just saying that because we made it. No really..


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Mad Scientists eJuice

We are a small company out of Maryland, where we began making e-juices for fun which turned into a company when people kept asking us to make more juices for them. Everything from the creation to distribution is 100% all of us!