WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Banana Custard by Overloaded E-Juice



Banana Custard E-Juice is a flavor that combines a candy like banana flavor with the creamy and melting sensation of a pudding. If you're looking for a flavor with a strong banana taste blended perfectly into soft and creamy pudding, you won't go wrong here! The E-Juice is silky smooth and if you want an E-Juice that is true to its name, you'll love this flavor.


Overloaded E-Juice

Loaded E-Juice was a massive success in the past year with all day hitters like Glazed Donuts, Cookie Butter, Lemon Bar, Apple Fritter and Melon Milkshake! 

And, it's only going to get better as Loaded continues to bring the vaping community all day errday vapes! But there's one burning question that many of our Loaded family ask us - why doesn't Loaded have any custard flavors?

Well, to finally answer your question, we are happy to share with you all that Ruthless Vapor is excited to manufacture Loaded's first custard line: Overloaded E-Juice! 

Overloaded E-Juice at its core is about transforming your favorite custard desserts into a vaping experience that will be so rich in flavor, you won't be able to tell the difference. Overloaded is committed to bringing you intense flavors that will go through a meticulous vetting process so we can ensure that we are only bringing you the best of the best! 

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