WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Strawberry by Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid

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Are you ready for something completely out of this world? Naked Unicorn is just that. Imagine if you would, all of the best home grown, sun ripened strawberries put together with one of the best takes on the smoothest cream blends, and then brought together to make something mystical... something amazing! Naked 100 truly came up with their own unicorn when they blended these two great flavors together. Strawberries are one of the most asked for flavors in vaping. Mix that with something equally amazing... cream... and you have a perfect match! Where else can you say that you bought your own Naked Unicorn?


About Naked 100 eJuice & Schwartz E-Liquids:
Everyone in the vaping industry has heard of the ever-popular Naked 100 E-Liquid lines. The Schwartz E-Liquid guys in Long Beach, California have put together some of the best tasting all natural fruit vapes on the market today. They first released the Naked 100 line in January of 2016 with the intent on providing a high quality natural line of eliquid with distinct flavor notes to meet a wide range of vapor's palates. Their original Naked 100 line of products focuses on their vision of providing a simple, yet fruity flavor profile.

The Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid line is dedicated to the fusion of exciting and delicious fruit flavors and Naked 100's own take on an all-natural cream base. If you think that their original fruit line is the best that you have ever tasted, wait until you try a blending of blueberries and raspberries with an incredible cream base in their Azul Berries. Or better yet, how about strawberries mashed up with a mix of fruit and finished off with cream? How could you name it anything other than Naked Unicorn? If you like bananas, you have to give Go Nanas a shot. It tastes better than eating a fresh picked banana! To finish this collection off, you have Berry Lush, which is a smorgasbord of berries jammed into a blender with that amazing cream base and then adding strawberries until you just can't handle any more! This collections is a mixology mastery that has gone beyond what anyone out there has done before. Naked 100 vape-juice is some of the best juice ever made... and you don't even have to get naked/nude to try it! But you can. Vape happy!

Naked Unicorn has been rebranded as Strawberry by Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid.


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