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Creamy Goodness In Our Top Selling Vape Juice!

Creamy Goodness In Our Top Selling Vape Juice!

The second most used flavor in the vaping industry is cream. It is literally in most everything. In fact, on our retail website alone, it is used in over 1400 different vape juice products. So this week, I am going to go through the top selling products with that amazing smooth, almost vanilla like, flavor. That being said, here are five amazing cream flavors that you might want to take a closer look at.

So, that being said, here are our top five for the week...

Nerdy Creamy Candy by Weirdo Vape E-Juice

Let's start this off with Nerdy Creamy Candy by Weirdo Vape E-Juice. This is one of those vape juices that has a great mix of amazing fruit and gives it a candy taste to it, and then smooths it all over with an amazing cream flavor to finish it off. Weirdo Vap says that it is "a step back to a finer time in our youth". I really cannot disagree. I just love vape juice like this that gives you a little of everything, especially when it comes to fruit and candy. I believe overall that this is an amazing vape juice, and if you haven't seen our new pricing structure, then take a look at this at $17.99 a bottle in the 100ml. Our competition has this at $26.99 on average. So, save big on everything here at eJuiceDB. Amazing prices!

Peon by Ground Zero Vaping E-Liquid

Peon by Ground Zero Vaping E-Liquid is next up on our list this week. It may not have the most appealing name in the world, but it does have some amazing flavors. You are going to get strawberries, blueberries and cream with a hint of cherry. Ground Zero says that it is a "one of a kind yet changing with new flavor notes in each hit." I have to agree. Each hit brings in a new flavor. The strawberry is a strong flavor hit with just about every inhale, but you get a little of the blueberry and cherry here and there that makes it all that much more flavorable. The cream ties the whole thing together. It really smooths out the whole thing, almost giving it a touch of custard feel to it. This is selling right now for $15.99 a bottle in the 60ml. Our largest competitor also has this on sale, but they are selling it for $24.99, exactly nine dollars more than our every day price.

Strawberry by Jam Monster Liquids

Strawberry by Jam Monster Liquids is next on our list. Jam Monster puts together some amazing products. They are always at the top of all of our best selling lists, and it makes sense why. This is one amazing strawberry jam flavor mixed in with a little toast, butter, and wrapped in a creamy flavor. It truly is the best breakfast vape of the day! Our staff loves this vape juice and it makes their top list as well. We have it on sale for $15.99 a bottle for the 100ml bottle. This is exactly $11 cheaper than some of those eliquid and ejuices guys. That's our every day price!

Five Star by Carter Elixirs

Number four on our list is Five Star by Carter Elixirs. Five Star is Carter Elixir's answer to strawberry custard. It is a strawberry custard with a creamy graham cracker topping. That in itself is a perfect dessert and Carter Elixirs does it good too... I have always been a pretty big fan of their products and they also constantly come up on our top 10 lists all over the place. You will not regret this purchase! We have it available for $16.99 in the 120ml. Of course our largest competitor has it for $24.97 right now, which is a hefty $8.00 more than our every day price. Crazy.

Spaghetti Ice Cream by Lushus Liquids E-Juice

Last on our list for this week is Spaghetti Ice Cream by Lushus Liquids E-Juice. Spaghetti Ice Cream is a vanilla bean ice cream strained to look like spaghetti noodles with a luscious drizzle of strawberry sauce. It is lightly topped with grated toasted coconut brought together in a delicious waffle cone. You get a little of everything in this dessert! We have this for $14.99 in the 60ml bottle. Our competitors have it for $24.97 in the same size. OUr every day price is $10 cheaper!

So, if yo haven't noticed, there has been a lot of changes here at eJuiceDB. We have slashed prices on all eJuice products by over 30%, making them our every day prices! We have priced out our top 100 selling products on the website and found that we are on average about $9.00 cheaper than all of the competition. We priced shopped them with what we consider our top five competitors out there and they are pale by comparison. We encourage you to price shop everything! We have great products, over 1300 different eJuice brands online. We have fast shipping and we have incredible pricing. What else could you ask for?

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