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Could the Continued Partnership Between Paris Saint-Germain and Geekvape Give Vaping a Better Image?

Could arguably the most popular soccer team on the planet and one of the oldest brands in vaping give vaping itself a better image in the public’s eye? We think so. And if you are a vaper, you should root for Geekvape to continue making history with this historic partnership that is connecting vaping to healthier nicotine alternatives, putting vaping on the world stage, and creating products that will elevate the public’s concept of vaping. 

Table of Contents:

  1. The History Between Paris Saint-Germain and Geekvape
  2. Why This Partnership Could Elevate Vaping
  3. Conclusion

The History Between Paris Saint-Germain and Geekvape

On July 23rd, 2021, Geekvape, alongside Paris Saint-Germain, announced the first official sports partnership between a vaping brand and a soccer team, whose roster at the time included Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappé, two of the biggest soccer stars in the world and whose players in the past have also included Ronaldinho, Beckham, and Ibrahimovic some of the greatest players to have ever graced the field. 

While the partnership was only supposed to last for just the 2021-22 Ligue 1 season, on January 9, 2023, a press release from Geekvape confirmed that the two brands had inked another partnership agreement that would last through the 2023 season and would continue to expand both brands through marketing campaigns, TV commercials, and even authorized co-branded products. 

Why This Partnership Could Elevate Vaping

This partnership is essential because it’s putting vaping on the world stage, literally. With Lionel Messi, the Argentinian captain that led his home country to win the 2022 World Cup, now part of Paris Saint-Germain, the eyes of millions of fans spread across the globe are getting acquainted with Geekvape and vaping. This sort of publicity reaching millions of people is extremely important for vaping since there is a clear lack of positive representation of vaping in the media which seems only to create and highlight negative stories. 

There is also the possibility that people who are currently smoking can be given an opportunity to learn about vaping, which remains, in my opinion, an important smoke cessation tool that helped me personally and others as well. Cigarette smokers might be curious to learn more about the devices that Geekvape has to offer and will give vaping a try, which is a win for the industry, and it opens up the possibility of these new Paris Saint-Germain supporters and vapers alike stopping nicotine use altogether. 

Finally, by linking Geekvape and Paris Saint-Germain, vaping is elevating its image. The concept of vaping that the public has, thanks in large part to counterfeit products, is that vaping devices are cheaply made, dangerous from a manufacturing standpoint, and lack any sort of oversight. Geekvape, with its premium devices and those being made in conjunction with the Paris Saint-Germain brand, will undo years of damage to the perception that people have of vaping. With these devices that are made to exact standards, feature elegant designs, and come with chipsets that include safety features, soccer fans will perceive vaping and vaping devices in a new light. 


All in all, the vaping world needs more of these partnerships that are continuing to change the image the world has of vaping and of vapers. If the most popular soccer team can partner with a vape brand, the sky's the limit for vaping. As always, we invite you to check out the latest deals and discounts currently available in the store which you will find on the eJuiceDB homepage. 

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Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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