How To Spot a Fake Elf Bar

How To Spot a Fake Elf Bar and How To Verify a Real One

In vaping, the black market for counterfeit disposables is huge. And the more a brand is a success, the more likely it is that counterfeit products that imitate the brand will be created. That’s why today we are dedicating this blog to teach you, our readers, how to spot a fake Elf Bar so you always know if you are getting the real deal or not.

Table of Contents:

  1. Do Fake Elf Bars Exist?
  2. How To Tell If An Elf Bar Is Fake?
  3. How To Verify Elf Bars
  4. Conclusion

Do Fake Elf Bars Exist?

The simple answer is, yes. Fake Elf Bars do exist. Fake Elf Bars are made in fly-by-night factories that are unhygienic and use cheap parts and ingredients that ultimately could be a danger to your health. That’s why it’s important to always be vigilant whenever you purchase Elf Bar Vapes and learn how to spot the fake ones from the real ones. In the section below we go into great detail about what fake Elf Bars lack so you can easily tell them apart when buying them online or in brick-and-mortar stores. 

How To Tell If An Elf Bar Is Fake?

Due to the popularity of Elf Bars, Elf Bar has gone to great lengths to make products that are hard to imitate and have many security measures that fake Elf Bars won’t have. Most notably, Elf Bar has created security anti-counterfeit holographic stickers for real products. Below you can see a picture of these stickers and the security measures they have:


  • Holographic Laser Security Thread:  a strip to the left of the sticker that features several holographic images.
  • Anti Stripping Knife: Strategic cuts in the sticker.
  • Thick and Thin Anti-counterfeiting Pattern: Thin and thick patterns to the left of the laser security thread.
  • Bank Note Level Anti-counterfeiting Pattern: Complex and hard to imitate graphic patterns that are similar to patterns found in bills.
  • Micro Text: Small text on top of the sticker with the words “ELF BAR” repeating from left to right.
  • High Anti-Latent Shadow: A shadow appears on the image when viewed from an angle (we assume this is the what Elf Bar means although the actual effect could vary).
  • Colorless Fluorescence: Three instances of the word ELF BAR appear on the sticker when exposed to a certain type of light (we assume UV light).
  • Super Anti-Counterfeit Code: A number in the middle of the QR Code found to the right of the sticker. 

Since the Elf Bar website does not specify what the security measures actually mean, we invite you to check out their video where they show every security measure with images and examples found on their website at:

How To Verify Elf Bars

Although making notes of the security features of the sticker is one way to verify if your Elf Bar is real or not, the best way to see if your Elf Bar is legit is to simply verify it. To verify it,  click here and enter the security code found on the right of the sticker. 

To make things even simpler, you can also use your smartphone and use the camera to look at the QR code, which will generate a link to verify your Elf Bar product.

In both instances, if the Elf Bar is real, it will say that “The security code you inquired about is correct.” 


With their growing popularity, it was only a matter of time before they began serious production of clone Efl Bars, but thankfully with these new security measures by Elf Bar, there will be less customers who blindly use fake Elf Bar products and will opt to verify their disposables before using them. 

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