How to Perform 3 Advanced Vape Tricks

How to Perform 3 Advanced Vape Tricks: An In-Depth Breakdown

Vape tricks are a fun and great way to pass the time while vaping. In today’s blog we break down three advanced vape tricks that are not only fun to perform but are also really impressive. If you are just starting out and want to learn how to do beginner vape tricks, read our beginner's blog before trying out these advanced tricks.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Lasso
  2.  A Shark Bend
  3. The Bane Inhale
  4. Conclusion

The Lasso

The Lasso is an advanced vaping trick that looks really cool. It consists of puffing and creating a large ‘O’, then puffing and creating another ‘O’ that goes inside the first ‘O’, then after exiting the first ‘O’, it wraps around the first ‘O’ going backward, then it creates an abnormal oval that resembles a lasso as though it was being swung by cowboys. It’s really an advanced trick that requires a lot of concentration and practice, but we’ll do our best to try and break it down for you. 

The two most important techniques you need to know to do this advanced vaping trick are how to push and how to pop an ‘O’ with your jaw. Let’s start with how to push an ‘O’. 

How to Push an ‘O’

This requires patience and timing. For starters, in order to push an ‘O’ with your hand, you’ll need to blow a fast ‘O’ rather than a slow one. If the ‘O’s you make are fast, they will be easier to push as opposed to slow ones which might disintegrate in your hand. 

To push an ‘O’, you’ll need timing and the correct hand position. You have to time the release of the ‘O’ perfectly with the motion of your hand pushing behind it. You’ll also want to make sure that you always keep your hand a few inches away from the ‘O’ and maintain this distance as well as keeping your hand completely parallel so you can push the ‘O’ directly in front of you. Below you will find a video that demonstrates how to push ‘O.’



How to Pop an ‘O’ with your Jaw

To pop an ‘O’ with your jaw, slowly close your jaw halfway while making an ‘O’ shape with your lips. In essence, you’re closing your mouth halfway only using your jaw, but making it pop as if you were trying to get it to make a sound so an ‘O’ shoots out of your mouth. Below is a  visual explanation of how to pop an ‘O’ with your jaw. 



Once you have mastered pushing an ‘O’ and popping one with your jaw,  do the following to create a Lasso:

  1. Push a large ‘O’ in front of you by using your left hand to push the ‘O’ and your right hand to take a hit.
  2. Next, quickly take another hit of your vape and pop an ‘O’ with your jaw. Make sure that you have centered the smaller ‘O’ directly in front of the first and bigger ‘O’. 
  3. Once you have blown the smaller ‘O’ through the first ‘O’,  slightly push the first ‘O’ into the second ‘O’. This will make the lasso effect. 

The Shark Bend

Another advanced trick that will impress your friends is the Shark Bend. It consists of technically redirecting an ‘O’  by inhaling next to it and making it ricochet in another direction, sort of how a Shark might bend underwater. It looks fairly simple but it requires practice in order to really master. 

For this trick, you need to know two techniques. First, how to push an ‘O’ (which we already broke down for you), and secondly how to inhale for a Shark Bend. Since we already went over how to push O’s let’s break down how to do the inhale. 

To inhale for a Shark Bend you need to inhale as if you were sucking from a straw and suddenly gasp to stop inhaling immediately. The time it takes you from inhale to gasp is key since it has to be fairly quick. Once you get this technique down, you’ll want to do the following to perform a Shark Bend:

  1. Create an ‘O’ and push it to your center.
  2. Slowly creep up to the ‘O’ and choose a direction where you want to Shark Bend it. It can be either up, down, left, or right. 
  3. If you want to bend it to the right, creep up to the right side of the ‘O’ and do the Shark Bend inhale quickly and push your head quickly to the right, and end with a gasp, so the ‘O’ can retain its form. It’s the same for all directions, choose left to go left, up to go up, and down to go down.

As always, here’s a visual tutorial that should give you more insight into how to pull off a Shark Bend. 


The Bane Inhale

If you have ever seen “The Dark Knight Rises”, then you will be familiar with the character of Bane. He had a mouthpiece throughout the movie that covered half his face. Well in the world of vaping, if you know how to do it, you can mimic the shape of this mouthpiece by performing the Bane inhale. 

We consider this an advanced vape trick that will stun your friends when performed correctly. First, you need to know how to do a French Inhale. To learn how to French Inhale.

Once you have the French Inhale down, all you need to get right is your mouth position. While with a French Inhale you don't really need to move your mouth, with a Bane Inhale you’ll want to smile as you do a French Inhale. The smile should look as if you are raising your top lip and biting your bottom lip. The mask shape will take shape because the vapor will travel between your teeth giving you a French Inhale that seems to have various lines. To do a Bane Inhale:

  1. Inhale vapor into your mouth and hold it. 
  2. Slowly open your mouth and smile as you begin performing a French Inhale. 
  3. Make sure your top teeth are biting your lower lip as you smile. Inhale using only your nose, and inhale way harder than you would with a French Inhale. 

Check out this visual tutorial that will help you get the technique just right. 



And there you have them folks, three advanced tricks that are sure to stun your friends next time you are hanging out at the bar or a party. Remember, it will take practice getting these techniques down but once you master them, you’ll be off to the races.


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