How To Know If A Puff Bar Is Fake

How To Tell If A Puff Bar Is Fake

Puff Bars are some of the best disposables on the market. They have a wide selection of flavors, are built with thought and care, and are perfect for former smokers and veteran vapers. However, like all products that are successful, they suffer from copycats and fakes. On today’s blog, we’ll teach you exactly how to distinguish fake Puff Bars from the originals. So if you are ready, let’s get started. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Are There Fake Puff Bars?
  2. Disposable Products You Can Buy From eJuiceDB
  3. How To Tell If Your Puff Bar Is Fake
  4. QR & Authentication Code
  5. Color 
  6. Font
  7. Juice
  8. Specs
  9. Other Signs You Have A Fake Puff Bar
  10. Conclusion

Why Are There Fake Puff Bars?

Just like with any successful product, it’s only a matter of time before imitators and counterfeiters try to replicate the success of the original. This might be fine when it comes to harmless commodities such as electronics, clothing, and shoes, but when the product affects your health and well-being, they pose a serious danger. 

This is why many legitimate disposable companies have created counterfeit measures to make sure that their customers can know if their purchases are legitimate or not. 

Disposable Products You Can Buy From eJuiceDB

At eJuiceDB, you can find the best disposable brands on the market. In total, we offer 1400+ disposable products which you can check out here. Below you can find some of our best selling disposables. 

Hyde N-Bar Recharge Disposable Vape Pen


Hyde N-Bar Recharge

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The Hyde N-Bar is a new rechargeable disposable vape pen that comes with a plethora of decadent flavors. Flavors include Mango Peach and Cream, Cherry Peach Lemonade, and Strawberry Kiwi, to name a few. In total there are 20 delicious flavors to choose from. As far as specs go, The Hyde N-Bar Recharge Disposable Vape Pen is available in a 10-pack and every device has 50mg of nicotine, and because it’s rechargeable it has approximately 4500 puffs per device. You can also check out all the other Hyde products here

VYNE Series Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposable Vape (10-Pack)


VYNE Series Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposable Vape (10-Pack)


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Created by INFZN, who have made a name for themselves by creating the first closed pod system that uses synthetic nicotine, the VYNE Series is another tobacco free nicotine product in disposable form. It is available in four different flavors: Red Twist, White Vine, Lemonade, and Kiwi Apple. These disposables come with 50 mg of nicotine, are available in a 10 pack, and the best part-they are rechargeable. 

LOY XL Pinenana Disposable Vape Pen

LOY XL Pinenana

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LOY XL is another disposable vape pen company that really understands what vapers want. It is no surprise their disposables are a hit among former smokers and veteran vapers. The flavor we picked today is the LOY XL Pinenana, which combines pineapple and banana to create a one-of-a-kind experience. When it comes to specs, this disposable contains 5ml of eliquid, 1500+ puffs, a powerful battery of 1000mAh, and 50mg of nicotine salts. If you want a great-tasting disposable, reach for LOY XL. You can also check out all the other LOY XL flavors here

How To Tell If Your Puff Bar Is Fake

Thankfully, even though there are many counterfeits on the market, brands have created measures that distinguish the originals from the fakes. This blog will focus specifically on teaching you how to tell apart a fake Puff Bar from a real one, and you can do this by checking the following five things: 

  • QR & Authentication Code
  • Color 
  • Font
  • Juice
  • Specs

QR & Authentication Code

Perhaps the best method to tell apart a fake from an original Puff Bar is by checking the QR code on newer devices. The QR code’s aptly named DNA Tag allows you to use your phone to take a picture of the tag which immediately takes you to where it will say whether the product is authentic or not. 

This new technology is more advanced than simply using a scratch code or entering an SKU code. According to the creators of the technology, it works just like a fingerprint. It uses a unique set of algorithms created by an artificial intelligence network that creates a unique label that is impossible to copy that also geolocates the devices at all times, allowing the brand to discover where fake products are being made


As far as color goes, you should be alert that if your package is pixelated or discolored it usually means it is fake. Again, though the best way to make sure you are using an authentic product is by scanning the DNA tag. 


If there is a different sized font or small deviations in the lettering of the package, then you probably bought a fake. The font should be the same throughout and the letters should all be the same size. If you stumble upon a package that does not meet these criteria, it is probably a fake. 


Another way you tell if you have a fake Puff Bar is by tasting the vape juice. If it tastes slightly burnt or has a strange taste other than the flavor advertised in the packaging then you probably have a fake. Veteran and long-time users of Puff Bars might be able to tell apart fake Puff Bars from original just by taste, however, sometimes, there are rare occasions where some authentic  disposables have manufacturing errors. Still, original Puff Bars provide clean hits full of flavor. If this is not the case you probably bought a fake.


As of this date, the company only offers three models: Standard, Plus, and Flow. Each of these models has specific specifications that the fake models might not necessarily adhere to. Make sure to double-check the specs of the model you bought and see if it matches because if there are more puffs or a more powerful or less powerful battery it could mean you have a fake on your hands. 

Other Signs You Have A Fake Puff Bar

There are other signs that can tell you if you have a fake Puff Bar in your hands besides the ones I mentioned above, and on the section below we go over the most important ones so you are better prepared to inspect your device. 

Blue Light

One of the simplest and fastest ways to tell if you have an authentic product is by checking the LED light that comes with every single Puff Bar. Originals have a blue LED light that turns on every time you take a hit. If the light is any color other than blue, your device is fake. 


Before the DNA Tag, Puff Bars used to have the word ‘Kado’ written on both the package and the device. This was used as a counterfeit measure. However, with time, counterfeiters figured out how to replicate the word on both the package and the device. Because of this, Puff Bar no longer uses the word ‘Kado’ on any device and if your device has ‘Kado’ printed on it, there’s a good chance that it is fake. 


We hope that with this brief guide you are able to tell apart original Puff Bars from fakes. Remember that the most reliable way to tell if you have an authentic Puff Bar is the DNA Tag. Use your phone’s camera and it will redirect you to the Puff Bar website, where it will tell you if it is original or fake. If your Puff Bar does not have a DNA Tag there’s a huge chance that it might be a fake, that’s why we suggest you only go with devices that have DNA Tags.


EjuiceDB articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them. Furthermore, Vaping products and nicotine use are only meant for persons over the age of 21.

Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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