Why Does My Vape Pen Keep Blinking

Why Does My Vape Pen Keep Blinking? Common Reasons

If you are a vape beginner wondering ‘why is my vape pen blinking’, in this article we will talk about the things you can do to stop this from happening. So if your disposable vape pen is blinking or your box mod is blinking, we talk about all the reasons why this happens and also the best thing you can do if this happens. 

Table of Contents:

  1. First, Read The Manual
  2. Reason #1: Low Battery 
  3. Reason #2: Tank and Atomizer improperly installed
  4. Reason #3: Not Enough Vape Juice
  5. Reason #4: Battery Is 100% Charged
  6. Reason #5: You’re Chain Vaping
  7. Reason #6: Loose Batteries
  8. Reason #7: Safety Features 
  9. Conclusion

First, Read The Manual

The first thing you should do is read the manual of your vape device. Since every device is different, the best way to figure out what is going on with your device is to read the instructions found in either a manual or in the box. This is because while we can give you some common reasons why a vape starts blinking, the actual reason can vary depending on the brand or model type of the device. If the manual does not say anything about why your vape is blinking, read on, and we will give you the most common reasons why vape pens start blinking. 

Reason #1: Low Battery 

Perhaps the most common reason is that your battery is dying. So if a light starts blinking, it will let you know that you need to either change the batteries or turn off the device and charge it. If this is the case, the light should stop blinking as soon as you hook up your vape to a power source. 

Reason #2: Tank and Atomizer iImproperly Installed

Another reason why this happens is that the tank and atomizer are probably improperly placed or installed in a box mod. For pod systems, this could be that the pod is improperly installed, and this could be the cause of your light blinking. To fix this, take off the tank or atomizer and or pod, and without forcing them, place them correctly where they should go. This should make the light stop blinking. 

Reason #3: Not Enough Vape Juice

Not having enough vape juice in either the tank or pod can be a reason why your vape’s light keeps blinking. The solution is easy enough. Simply fill the tank or pod system to the indicated limit written on the tank or pod, and the light should stop blinking. 

Reason #4: Battery Is 100% Charged

Although we started by saying that the reason for why your vape is blinking is because it ran or is running out of power, the opposite could also be true. If you are charging your vape and at least 30 minutes have passed, and the light begins to blink, then it might mean that the vape is fully charged, and you can take it off the charger. In fact when people ask themselves what does it mean when a disposable vape blinks, at least for some disposables, it means the battery is fully charged. 

Reason #5: You’re Chain Vaping

Vape devices come with many features nowadays. One of them could remind you that you are chain vaping and that you need to slow down. And the way to warn you could be with a flashing light. If you are vaping heavily and constantly, then there is a huge chance that you are vaping too fast. Simply slow down youryout hits, and vape less often, this should trigger the light to stop flashing. 

Reason #6: Loose Batteries

We already said that components that need to be correctly installed could be the reason for why your vape blinks. But if they are all properly installed, it could be that your vape’s batteries are loose. This is especially true in box mods that use 18650 batteries, which need to be properly placed and adjusted. So, always make sure the batteries are in the correct position and fix them.

Reason #7: Safety Features 

Finally, if you went through this list and nothing worked, we suggest you stop vaping. More often than not, a blinking light means that something is wrong with your vape and that you need to address the issue rather quickly. Like we said at the beginning of this blog, always read the manual first, and if you lost it, as a second step, always look online for what to do, taking into account the brand of your device and the model. 


Although we gave you some common reasons for why a vape might have a blinking light, we can'tcant stress enough that you need to read the manual first. The manual will tell you exactly what is happening and how you can fix it. 

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