Do's and Dont's for New Vapers

11 Do's and Don’ts for New Vapers

From safety tips to tips that will enhance your vaping experience, in today’s blog, we cover 11 tips that will help your new vapers transition quicker into vaping. In addition, we’ll cover why you should try disposables first, why you should try out every flavor, and even why you should drink more water while you vape. All in all, this blog has excellent advice for new and beginner vapers. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Do Learn as Much as You Can About Vaping
  2. Do Try Out Disposables First
  3. Do Try Out All Kinds of Flavors
  4. Do Try Different Nicotine Strengths 
  5. Do Learn Proper Inhaling Techniques
  6. Do Stay Hydrated
  7. Don’t Vape Everywhere
  8. Don’t Chain Vape
  9. Don’t Leave Your Device Unsupervised When Charging
  10. Don’t Charge Your Device With Your Laptop
  11. Don’t Let Children or Pets Near Your Vape Products
  12. Conclusion

Do Learn as Much as You Can About Vaping

The first thing you should do as a new vaper is to try and learn as much as possible about vaping before even taking your first vape inhale. There are many concepts that are key for new vapers to learn, like the difference between nicotine salts and freebase nicotine, the difference between pod systems and box mods, and even what synthetic nicotine is. That’s why our first “Do” is to learn as much as you can about vaping. A great resource is our blog section where we have dozens of great blogs on this topic. 

Do Try Out Disposables First

Disposables are a great way to get started on the world of vaping. They’re great because they’re inexpensive, introduce you to nicotine salts, and some even use synthetic nicotine. An introduction to nicotine salts is important because if you like them, you probably won’t need to buy an expensive box mod that only uses regular vape juice and not nicotine salts. You’ll also get a taste of vaping without having to shell out on a new device and separate nicotine salts or vape juice, which can be expensive for first timers. And if you want to try out the difference between regular nicotine and synthetic nicotine, which is one of the latest vaping trends, you can do so without buying a bottle of vape juice or nicotine salts that use synthetic nicotine. Again, if some of the words seem foreign, we suggest you read up on these concepts.

Do Try Out All Kinds of Flavors

If you know what you want to vape (nicotine salts or vape juice), the third thing we suggest is that you try out all kinds of flavors. Of course, online flavor guides are great to get a sense of what each brand has to offer in terms of flavor and in vaping there will be many times when you find yourself absolutely loving a vape juice that uses a flavor you might not like in real life. There are thousands of flavor combinations used in vaping, so we also recommend you give rare and unexpected flavor combinations a try; who knows, you might end up loving it. 

Do Try Different Nicotine Strengths 

Once you figure out some flavors you like and know what type of eliquid you want to vape, we suggest you give different nicotine strengths a try. Maybe you love the flavor you bought but find it too harsh; going down in nicotine level or strength can help you enjoy it more. Or maybe you find the flavor you bought is not strong enough; going up in nicotine level will make it harsher and give more of a throat feel. 

Do Learn Proper Inhaling Techniques

Another thing you should learn once you have figured out everything above is proper vaping inhaling techniques. In short, there are two inhaling techniques, mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung. As their names suggest, the first technique requires you first inhale into your mouth and then into your lungs. The second requires you inhale directly into your lungs. There’s more to these techniques, so again we recommend you read up on them if you find yourself coughing and not enjoying your vape. 

Do Stay Hydrated

Finally, a common mistake beginner vapers will make is that they tend to vape for long periods of time. This usually has the effect of creating a dry mouth, which then leads to a “vape tongue.” “Vape tongue” refers to when you lose the ability to discern flavor due to too much vaping. In short, you’ll find yourself unable to taste your vape and will dehydrate your mouth, which can lead to coughing. That’s why our final “Do” is to stay hydrated as you vape. This will quickly fix the vape tongue and will make your vaping session way more pleasant. 

Don’t Vape Everywhere

Now that you read the vape “Do’s” let’s move on to the “Don’ts”. For starters, don’t vape everywhere you go. Many states have laws against vaping in public places, and you could get in trouble with the law or have to pay a hefty fine. A good rule of thumb is that where smoking is allowed, vaping is usually also allowed. However, to be absolutely sure, always try to talk to security or someone that works at the venue, park, or building to make sure that vaping is allowed.

Don’t Chain Vape

Once you get your vape, you’ll want to vape all the time, and when doing so you might start to chain vape. Chain vape is when you take hits one after the other without giving the device a chance to function properly. What usually happens when you chain vape is that the device won’t have a chance to saturate and you’ll end up burning the coil or the part that evaporates the vape juice, causing horrible dry hits that will definitely make you cough. In order to avoid this, we recommend you let 15 to 30 seconds pass for each hit, instead of taking hit after hit without giving the device a chance to rest. 

Don’t Leave Your Device Unsupervised When Charging

Another rule of vaping is to always supervise your device when charging it. Vape batteries require extra care, so you should always have them visible where you can see them. You want to leave them charging for just enough time so their batteries recharge and never for long periods. Not only will you probably damage the device, but you’ll also slowly kill the battery life. So, never leave your device charging overnight or unsupervised. 

Don’t Charge Your Device With Your Laptop

Another thing you never want to do is charge your device with your laptop. You should have a dedicated USB plug or charger. The problem with charging your device with your laptop is that each device has a designated voltage and if the light were to go out or your laptop was to die, you could end up damaging your vape. That’s why it's best to only charge your vape device or vape batteries in their corresponding charger or USB Plug. 

Don’t Let Children or Pets Near Your Vape Products

This is super important and not something that too many vapers consider. Nicotine in concentrated amounts is poisonous to pets and children. The last thing you want is for them to get a hold of your vape juice bottle or nicotine salts. So, remember to keep all your vape products somewhere safe where they can’t reach or open them. 


Although we attempted to cover the most important subjects in this guide, you will find yourself a bit lost as a new vaper. Remember that this is completely normal, and if this happens, we recommend that you continue learning as much as you can and that you don’t give up if you find yourself coughing too much or not enjoying your vape. There’s a huge chance that you might be inhaling wrong, using the wrong nicotine level, or even the wrong device. So learning and researching everything you can about vaping is really the most important “do” and the one that will help you become a seasoned vaper quicker.


EjuiceDB articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them. Furthermore, Vaping products and nicotine use are only meant for persons over the age of 21.

Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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