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How Long Should My Disposable Vape Last? [When Puff Count Isn't Accurate]

How Long Does a Vape Last

Andres Roman |

Disposable vapes are marketed as products that last thousands of puffs, but that’s not always true. From disposable vapes to individual parts of box mods, we tell you some things to look out for when figuring out how long your vape will last. And while we are not fortune tellers, we make a pretty good case on how you can figure out and how to extend the lifespan of your vapes. 

Table of Contents:

  1. How Long Should A Disposable Vape Last You?
  2. How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?
  3. Disposable Vapes for Sale At eJuiceDB
  4. How Long Does a Pod System Last?
  5. How Long Do Vape Pens Last?
  6. How Long Does a Box Mod Last?
  7. Conclusion

How Long Should A Disposable Vape Last You?

Disposable vapes are the most popular type of vape device in the world. The puff count, or the number of puffs disposables come with, should be your first indicator. Depending on puff-count, you can approximately estimate your items life expectancy::

  • 600 puffs: a weekend
  • 1500 puffs: four days or more
  • 3000: close to a week
  • 5000: a week and a half or more

Still, puff count isn’t always reliable. This is why we explore the top three things that matter the most when trying to figure out how long a disposable should last.  

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?

It’ll depend on three things: the amount of vape juice, the type of battery, and your vaping style. 

The amount of vape juice your disposable comes with is an excellent indicator of how long it will last. Put simply, the more vape juice the device has, the longer it should last. On paper, vapes with up to 12 ml of vape juice can be expected to last at least two weeks, while devices with 2 ml of vape juice may only last a weekend. 

So how long does a rechargeable vape last? 

If your device has a rechargeable battery, it will last until you run out of vape juice. So with disposables that have rechargeable batteries, a solid indicator to go by is the number of puffs.

If you’re not using a rechargeable device, 1000mAh or higher should last you for at least a week or longer. If the mAh rating is in the hundreds, then we might only be talking about a couple of days. You should also consider that batteries degrade and don’t work properly or last as long if they are kept unused for a while, which could ultimately affect how long a disposable vape lasts. This explains why some disposables that sit on shelves for long times usually die quicker. 

Finally, the vaping style of the user can hugely impact how long a disposable lasts. For example, prolonged and hard inhales will use up more vape juice, while short and not as powerful hits will use less vape juice. Also, chain vaping will obviously use way more vape juice than usual.

Disposable Vapes for Sale At eJuiceDB

At eJuiceDB, we have great weekly sales on disposables. So whether you need a disposable for two days, a week, or two weeks, these three choices won’t disappoint. 

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Finally, the Elf Bar Lost Mary OS5000 Luster Disposable Vape, which will be released on 4/19/23 is the latest from the Elf Bar brand which has created and manufactured some of the most popular vape devices in the world. With 5000 puffs, a rechargeable battery, and five expertly curated flavors, this is a device that when it drops, is sure to create quite a stir. 

How Long Does a Pod System Last

A pod system is a refillable and rechargeable device that can last anywhere from three months to a year. This is because pod systems are better constructed and allow for several uses. The only things you have to replace are the pods if the pod system is closed or the vape juice and the refillable open pods if the pod system is open. But there is a higher upfront cost, so at the end of the day, you have to decide what trade-off you want to make.

How Long Do Vape Pens Last?

High-quality vape pens will last for a while. Since they are similar to pod systems nowadays, vape pens can last for at least three to twelve months, but it all depends on whether or not the user maintains and cleans the deviceregularly. 

How Long Does a Box Mod Last?

Box mods can last anywhere from seven months to several years. This is because they are constructed with better materials and have more moving parts that can be replaced without replacing the whole device. This includes batteries, coils, tanks, and even mouthpieces. These are the most expensive of the bunch. 

How Long Does a Vape Battery Last?

If we are talking about 18650 batteries, which are used with box mods quite regularly, then we’re talking about a life expectancy of 300 to 500 cycles. This means that they can last a pretty long time depending on how often you use and recharge them.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

Coils can last for about a week to a month, but it depends on three things. The type of coils you use, what vape juices you use, and your vaping habits. Naturally, higher quality coils will last longer. 

The vape juice you use is also important because if it has a high VG ratio, it has a tendency to be thicker, and there is a bigger chance that it can ruin the coils. This is because VG tends to be more viscous and can clog coils easily. So, no matter what quality of coils you use, if you use vape juice with a high VG content, then your device will be more prone to require coils sooner. 

Finally, how you vape (just like with disposables) can affect the lifespan of your coils. If you chain vape, the coils will work harder, which increases the chances of wearing them out sooner. If you vape often, you’ll use more vape juice, which will eventually clog and destroy your coils. But if you don’t vape often, you will use less e-liquid, which will inevitably increase the time your coils will work adequately.

How Long Do Tanks Last?

Tanks can also last for years, but it comes down to the owner. And no, we are not talking about the heavily armored vehicle. We are talking about the vape juice reservoir or holder in box mods that houses the coil and the e-liquid. The main danger with tanks is that if they are dropped, the glass portion of the tank can crack, or the tank itself could stop working normally. Since sooner or later, you are bound to drop your box mods. This is something that you cannot prevent. Being extra careful with your tank could buy you months and even years before you need a new one; you’d be surprised to learn how common it is to break your e-liquid tank. But it would be pretty cool if vaping tanks were heavily armored; just saying. 


Remember that other factors are at play when it comes to predicting how long a vape is supposed to last. One factor that we didn’t talk about is manufacturing quality. Depending on the brand or manufacturer, you can get a great product that lasts for years or one that does not last at all. But overall, if you are careful and take these tips into consideration, we can honestly say that your vape (whether disposable vapes, pod systems, or box mods) will likely last for a very long time. 

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