How to Find Local Vape Shops Wherever You Are

How to Find Local Vape Shops Wherever You Are

There are many instances where you’ll find yourself away from your local vape shop and will need to find the closest shop near you. Whether you’re visiting family in another state, traveling internationally, or moving to a new city/country, you’ll need to know how to go to your closest vape shop. Not only to refill on vape juices but also to buy new devices if your vaporizer breaks. 

In today’s blog, we walk you through finding the best and closest local vape shop in your area without leaving your house or hotel. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Vape Shop?
  2. How to Find Local Vape Shops: Google
  3. How to Find Local Vape Shops: Yelp
  4. What if I Can’t Find a Local Vape Shop?
  5. Conclusion

What is a Vape Shop?

what is a vape shop?A vape shop is a specialized shop that only sells vape goods. These could include devices, vape juices, and accessories. In short, everything you need for vaping. Vape shops differ from smoke shops and head shops in that they only specialize in selling vape-related goods. In comparison, smoke and head shops will offer water pipes, cigars, and sometimes some vape goods. 

Above all, vape shops differ from other shops in that they provide a hub for the vape community to gather together and exchange information, a place where vapers can come together and enjoy their hobby. Some vape shops might even have lounge areas where customers can hang out and try new vape juice flavors

Another great thing about vape shops is that they serve as educational centers. Here beginners can learn everything they need to know about vaping. From setting up their devices to battery safety, knowledge is shared frequently and openly in vape shops. This gives beginners a great place to get first-hand knowledge and experience on the basics of vaping, not only from employees who know the devices in and out but from other veteran vapers.

Finally, at vape shops, they can help you out by installing and putting together any device. From every kind of RBAs to troubleshooting errors in LED screens like “No Atomizer,” they can help you sort out your equipment if there is any trouble.

That’s why finding a reliable vape shop wherever you are is so important. Not only do they provide a place where you can acquire your vaping materials when you run out, but they also provide a hub for learning opportunities and a place to fix your devices if they break. 

So how do you find a reliable vape shop when traveling? Read on to find out. 

How to Find Local Vape Shops: Google

Perhaps the best and most straightforward way to find the best local vape shop near you is by asking Google. No matter where you are in the world, it will let you know on the first page of results if there is a vape shop near you. 

By simply inputting on the Google search bar “vape shops near me,” it will give you all the vape shop information you need to find and get in contact with local vape shops. It will also provide you with reviews, addresses, photos, store hours, and phone numbers. All you need to do is choose your highest-rated store or the closest shop to you, and you’ll be set. 

Finally, Google is perfect when traveling abroad since it can pinpoint vape shops in other countries and not just North America.  

How to Find Local Vape Shops: Yelp

Another great resource you can use online is Yelp is a review site, where more than 77 million active users (per month) log in to review almost any type of establishment. From restaurants to movie theaters to vape shops, if it is a physical location and offers a service, it probably has been reviewed by Yelp. 

Using a five-star rating system, you can check out the best-rated vape shops in your area or even the most rated. Yelp is easy to use; input your address on the top bar and browse through the results. Once you navigate to a location, you like you’ll see store hours, reviews, location, phone numbers, photos, among other things.

However, Yelp is limited to North America, and it is not able to pinpoint locations internationally.

What if I Can’t Find a Local Vape Shop?

If you’ve tried the following methods previously described but still can’t find a vape shop where you are currently located, there are two things you can do: look for smoke/head shops, or buy online. 

Smoke/Head Shops: What Are They?

what are smoke and head shops?Smoke Shops are shops that specialize in everything related to tobacco smoking. That means you might find lighters, rolling papers, cigars, cigarettes, pipes, and tobacco. And although you might think that these shops only carry tobacco items, believe it or not, in these tobacco-only shops, you’ll many times find vape goods and vape products. 

As a second option, typing or looking for “smoke shops near me” instead of “vape shops near me,” you might find a store that, although it does not specialize in vaping, can still provide you with vape juices and or devices if you’re traveling and happen to need them. 

Head shops, on the other hand, are focused on selling cannabis paraphernalia. Although less likely that they might provide vape products like vape juices, and devices, they are still worth a try if you find that there are no smoke shops or vape shops where you are located.

Buying Online

If you can’t find any local vape shops, your best bet might be to shop online. The great thing about buying your products online is that you’ll find great prices on all vape goods since numerous vape shop websites compete against each other. Most of the time, they will also have a large selection of vape juices that physical stores can’t compete with. And the best part is that many websites, depending on how profitable or large they are, might be able to send products internationally. All in all, there are many advantages to shopping online. 


We hope with this information, you can get an idea of finding a local vape shop wherever you find yourself. So whether you’re traveling, moving to a new city, or on holidays refer back to this guide to find local vape shops wherever you are. Finally, remember to sign up to our email list to get special access to our daily and weekly promotions. 


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