How To Make Massive Vape Clouds

How To Make Massive Vape Clouds

So you want to make massive vape clouds but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in the right place. In today’s blog we cover the best type of products for getting massive clouds. From what vape juice ratio to use to which vape tanks are best to what airflow setting is more ideal, we’ll cover a lot and, in the end, we hope to bring you closer to making massive vape clouds.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Box Mods vs Pod Systems
  2. The Best Type of Vape Juice for Massive Clouds
  3. The Best Airflow Settings for Massive Clouds
  4. A Word About Sub-Ohm Vaping
  5. The Best Type of Vape Tank for Massive Clouds
  6. The Best Coils for Massive Clouds
  7. Conclusion

Box Mods vs Pod Systems

Before we begin, there’s something that all vapers with hopes of creating massive clouds, must understand: When it comes to creating large clouds, box mods are better than pod systems. There are many reasons why box mods are better for creating large clouds. For example, they have variable wattage settings that allow you to crank up the temperature, so more vape juice is evaporated.  They allow for more powerful batteries that warm the coil faster and make it hotter. They usually have better vape tanks and bigger airflow holes, which, as you read this, you will soon learn are super important. Finally, with pod systems, you are limited to only vaping nicotine salts, which don’t create that much vapor to begin with. So, if you hope to create copious amounts of vapor clouds, we say the first step is to get a box mod.

The Best Type of Vape Juice for Massive Clouds

Now that we got the box mod part out of the way, the next thing you need to get, or better yet, the best type of vape juice you need for massive clouds, is a vape juice that has a high vegetable glycerin ratio. 

For those unaware, there are two ingredients that you will always find in vape juices. These are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These two ingredients determine how dense the vapor is, how flavorful it is, how harsh it is, and even how sweet it is. It all comes down to their ratio in the vape juice. 

For creating large clouds of vapor, we recommend that you get a vape juice with a high VG ratio. This is because VG makes the vapor of the vape juice denser, allowing you to create bigger clouds. It also makes the vape juice sweeter and easier to inhale. More PG, on the other hand, makes the eliquid harsher and harder to inhale while also making the vapor thinner and less dense. Anything above 60VG/40PG should do the trick, but the more VG, the better. 

The Best Airflow Settings for Massive Clouds

Let’s move on to the best type of airflow settings to create giant vapor clouds. In short, more airflow means bigger clouds. This is because when you have more air getting into the coil, you create cooler vape clouds. With cooler vape clouds, you can take deeper inhales full of vapor as opposed to warmer vapor which will make it more difficult. Also, cooler air over the coil will encourage condensation faster, creating clouds quicker. Finally, the extra air created by an open airflow setting has the effect of filling up the vapor or making it dense with air.

A Word About Sub-Ohm Vaping

Although changing the vape juice to a VG-heavy eliquid and opening up the airflow settings in your tank will get you closer to bigger and denser vape clouds, there is a specific type of vaping that vapers who want extra clouds practice, and that is sub-ohm vaping. But what exactly is sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping refers to box mods that use special sub-ohm tanks that take low resistance coils or coils that have ohms less than 1.0, hence the name sub-ohm vaping. In order to move forward with the blog, it is important to explain this concept since the best types of vape tanks, and best coils for massive clouds, are sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm coils, which we will explain further down below. 

The Best Type of Vape Tank for Massive Clouds

Now that you have been introduced to sub-ohm vaping, we’ll explain why sub-ohm tanks are the best for massive clouds. Sub-ohm tanks, for starters, are needed since they are compatible with low-resistance coils. Not all tanks allow for low-resistance coils; that’s why it’s important that if you are going to get a tank that creates massive clouds, you have to make sure it’s sub-ohm. Sub-ohm tanks are specially designed for bigger clouds, so this means bigger airflow settings and compatibility with powerful box mods that have a wattage that can reach very high temperatures. 

The Best Coils for Massive Clouds

Finally, we get to the most important aspect of creating bigger clouds, and that’s having coils that have low resistance. This is because the lower the resistance, the hotter the temperatures the coil will be able to reach. The hotter the temperatures, the quicker the coil can evaporate vape juice, creating vapor faster. Since vapor is created faster, you can inhale more vapor into your lungs, which will create bigger and denser clouds when you exhale. So the way to go, if you want bigger clouds, will always be sub-ohm coils.


Although this is a very broad topic, we hope we were able to cover the basics and that you got a grasp on the most important concepts required to make massive clouds. Remember, that with pod systems you will always be limited; not only do they not have the ability to set the wattage, they also use nicotine salts, which don’t create many clouds. That’s why if you are dead set on creating bigger clouds, a sub-ohm box mod setup is the way to go. 


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