How To Put Juice in a Vape

How To Put Juice in a Vape or How To Change Vape Juice: A How-to-Guide

While this might be obvious to more seasoned vapers, learning how to change vape juice and even adding vape juice is something that new vapers might have no idea how to do. That’s why on today’s blog we have created a guide you can follow that will teach you how to add and change vape juice. We have also added a step on how to clean already used coil heads, so you can save money when changing to different vape juice flavors. 

Table of Contents:

  1. First Things First
  2. Step 1: Take Apart Your Tank and Clean It
  3. Step 2: Dealing With the Coil
  4. Step 3: Putting Juice in the Vape
  5. Conclusion

First Things First

In this blog we will walk you through how to put juice and how to change vape juice in a box mod tank with coil heads, also called prebuilt coils. Since open pod systems are straightforward to use and to put vape juice into, as well as change the vape juice (or nicotine salts) already inside, we won’t explain it in detail in this blog. However, for those that want to know, the process is very similar, just put the open pod system inside a bowl of hot water and let it soak for 20 to 30 minutes, then take it out, let it dry for about an hour, and fill your open pod system with your favorite nicotine salt.

Finally, if you are here to learn how to add vape juice, simply skip steps one and two and go to step three. 

Step 1: Take Apart Your Tank and Clean It

The first step is to clean your tank. And to do this you’ll have to take it apart. Make sure you know where each part goes and how they fit together because once you take it apart, you must be able to put it back together. Otherwise, your vape tank will leak. 

Once you have all the parts separated, you’ll want to get a bowl of hot water and put in a little bit of soap. Put all the parts inside the bowl and let them soak for about 30 minutes. Next, put all the parts in a towel and let them dry. Depending on how dirty your tank parts are, you might need a q-tip in order to clean those hard-to-reach spots. 

If the parts when handled feel a bit sticky, we recommend putting them back into the bowl of hot water and rinse them with an old toothbrush as well as a  q-tip. Once all the parts are perfectly dry and non-sticky, it’s time to put the tank back together. 

Step 2: Dealing With the Coil

The easiest way to deal with the coil is to simply replace it. So, if you can’t wait to try out your new vape juice, simply replace the coil.

Vape tanks can vary in design, but to replace a coil head they will simply unscrew or will use a press fit design that you can simply push and take out. Take your old coil and change it for a new one and you’re ready for step 3.  

However, because we know that replacing coil heads can get expensive if you constantly want to try out new flavors and can spare a day or two, in this guide, we will show you the best way you can clean a prebuilt coil so there is no flavor left from the previous vape juice.

To clean an already used coil head or prebuilt coil, get a new bowl of hot water but this time don’t use soap; this time, use vinegar. Two teaspoons of vinegar of any kind should suffice. Leave the coil or coils in the bowl of hot water and vinegar for at least three hours. 

When the three hours have passed, rinse them under hot running water making sure the pressure is high enough to remove the gunk from the cotton, which should come off. 

Put them on a towel and let them dry for a full day. After the day has passed you will have cleaned your coils. 

Step 3: Putting Juice in the Vape

Now that you have a brand new coil installed in the tank, or will have cleaned your current coil, all you need to do is put vape juice in your vape. But before that you need to prime your coil. To prime your coil, take your coil and add vape juice on the cotton openings of the coil. Next, add a few drops down the middle of the coil making sure to let the drop fall in the cotton. In this step you’re simply saturating the coil so when you fire it, it has eliquid already inside.

Now add vape juice to the tank by opening up the vape juice slot that fits the vape juice bottle nipple, and until the vape juice reaches the fill line, which will be located in the glass. Let the vape juice sit with the coil inside for about five minutes. After five minutes have passed, the coil head will be completely saturated and you will be ready to vape your new flavor. 


And that’s it, you now know how to add and change vape juice and even how to clean already-used coil heads. As always, we invite you to check out all our blogs where you can learn and read up on everything related to vaping, and to check out our store for new deals and discounts

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