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Highest Nicotine Vape Juice

What Is the Highest Percent of Nicotine in Vape Juice? A Short Guide

Nicotine is one of the most important ingredients in vape juices, and for beginners, choosing the right level is pivotal in order to have a good time vaping. That’s why on today’s blog we talk about the role that nicotine plays in the vaping experience and answer common questions like what the highest percent of nicotine in vape juice is and what nicotine level you should vape at. 

Table of Contents:

  1. How Nicotine Affects the Vaping Experience
  2. Nicotine Salts vs. Freebase Nicotine
  3. The Highest Percent of Nicotine in Nicotine Salts
  4. The Highest Percent of Nicotine in Traditional Vape Juice
  5. Which Level Should You Use?
  6. Conclusion

How Nicotine Affects the Vaping Experience

Nicotine, when it comes to vaping, can really affect the vaping experience. For example, too much nicotine can create a strong throat hit that will make it harder to enjoy any kind of vape juice, no matter if the flavor is a dessert or something sweeter. It will also make it harder to swallow the vapor. That’s why the more nicotine that is used in a vape juice, the harder it will be to vape. 

Recently there is a new kind of nicotine called TFN (tobacco-free nicotine or synthetic nicotine), whose manufacturers claim it is purer and cleaner since it is made in a lab and not extracted from tobacco. TFN manufacturers also claim that because it has fewer impurities, there is more room for the flavorings to shine, making the vape juice more flavorful. 

TFN and natural nicotine, or the nicotine used in traditional vape juices, are the same, except for the fact that one is made in a laboratory and one is made by being extracted from the tobacco plant. However, there is another kind of nicotine that exists that really changes how you experience vaping, called nicotine salts, which we will explore in the next section. 

Nicotine Salts vs. Freebase Nicotine

Nicotine salts, or nic salts, is naturally occurring nicotine that has been chemically altered to be more bioabsorbable by our bodies. What this simply means is that the body absorbs and intakes this type of nicotine quicker into the bloodstream than traditional vape juice, which uses naturally occurring nicotine (also called freebase nicotine). Because of this, nicotine salts are more potent and less of it is needed to achieve a nicotine buzz. 

Because nicotine salts are stronger, they inherently have higher nicotine content, even though they come in lesser quantities. And because they have been chemically altered, they are made specifically for pod systems, which aren’t as powerful as box mods that can reach very high vaping temperatures. If one were to try nicotine salts with a box mod, one would feel a strong nicotine rush since nicotine salts only require a low temperature to be delivered into your body. 

However, for some vapers, nicotine salts have too much nicotine, aren’t as complex in flavor as  regular vape juice, and don’t create enough clouds.

The Highest Percent of Nicotine in Nicotine Salts

So how much nicotine is in a vape? well it all depends on the type of nicotine you use. For nicotine salts, it’s common to see the following nicotine levels:

  • 25 mg
  • 35 mg
  • 50 mg

But different vape juice manufacturers use different quantities for their products, so the range is more likely between 20-60 mg. 

The Highest Percent of Nicotine in Traditional Vape Juice

The highest percentage of nicotine in traditional vape juice is much lower. For example, the most common nicotine levels with freebase nicotine are the following:

  • 0 mg
  • 3 mg
  • 6 mg
  • 12 mg

However, just like with nicotine salts, the exact numbers can vary, so the range is closer to 0-18 mg.

Which Level Should You Use?

Now that you know which is the highest nicotine vape juice, you might wonder if going to the highest strength would be the right move for you. And the answer is that it depends on many things. Nicotine tolerance can vary depending on how long you have been vaping, how fast your body processes nicotine and even your age can play a role. So our best advice is to start low and slowly increase until you feel you have reached your perfect nicotine level, where the vape juice is not too harsh and is just right. You might also change to nicotine salts since the nicotine rush happens quicker.


We hope that with this short guide, we have answered the question of what is the highest amount of nicotine that can be found in vape juice. If you want to learn more, we have a more in-depth guide called Vape Juice Nicotine Levels: Which Is Best For You, where we talk about everything from nicotine salts to nicotine levels and their cigarette equivalent. 

EjuiceDB articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them. Furthermore, Vaping products and nicotine use are only meant for persons over the age of 21.

Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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