Water Based Vape Juice

Why Water Based Vape Juice Could Be the Future of Vaping

On November 19, 2022, The Vaping Industry Forum and Awards Dinner took place in London where 300 delegates from various sectors of the vaping industry united to discuss the theme of the night, “Vaping for a Better Future.”

While many talks revolved around the creation of new products that could potentially shift the landscape toward less harmful vaping products, one of the technologies that stood out was water based eliquids. 

Although first announced and launched earlier this year, water based vaping and water based e-liquids have an extraordinary potential to make vaping less harmful than what it already is. During the conference, it was stated that testing by independent laboratory TCT Labs showed that water based vaping would reduce acetaldehyde emissions by 91% and formaldehyde emissions by 81% when compared to traditional vapes. For this and many more reasons, we believe that water based vape juice could be the future of vaping.

Table of Contents:

  1. Who Created Water Based Vaping?
  2. Advantages of Water Based Vaping?
  3. Why Is This Important for Vapers?
  4. Conclusion

Who Created Water Based Vaping?

Before, if someone were to ask you, “Can you vape water?”, the answer would be, no. But now that Aquios Lab has entered the picture, the answer has changed to a resounding, yes! Aquios Lab is a UK based firm that has partnered with leading vape manufacturer Innokin to create the vapes of the future. All the products revolve around the Aquios AQ30 technology that is a special type of vape juice made up of 30% water. But why is this important and what advantages does it offer to the average vaper? 

Advantages of Water Based Vaping?

Well, there are many advantages to water-based e-liquid. With water-based vape juice for example, the issue of sore throats due to dehydration or vaper’s tongue (losing the ability to detect flavors due to dehydration from vaping) would be a thing of the past. This is because the vape juice would hydrate you every time you took a puff, keeping a healthy balance of water in your mouth and tongue. 

Aside from this, water based vape juice is much smoother than traditional vape juices. If you ever felt that vaping was too harsh, then water based vaping could eliminate this side effect. 

Water based eliquids are also, according to Aquios Labs, more compatible with your body, which means nicotine delivery is much smoother than vape juice which only has vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Because delivery is smoother, satisfaction is achieved faster by generating a faster nicotine rush. 

Water based vaping will also provide a much cleaner flavor because unlike vegetable glycerin which tends to be sweeter in taste, water is flavorless, which means that the flavorings can really shine and not be affected by the small yet sweet flavor profile of vegetable glycerin. 

Finally and most importantly, water based e-liquids vaporize at lower temperatures, which means that the chemical stability of the vape juice is better, you use less battery power, and the vapor is smoother and easier to inhale, all according to Innokin and Aquios Labs. 

Why Is This Important for Vapers?

This long list of advantages that improve upon while also reducing the hangups many people have about vaping could be the reason why the industry is moving forward with making water based vape juices the standard. Although only Innokin and Aquios Labs are the only ones making these products, we think it will only be a matter of time before more and more companies see the light and invest in water based eliquids. 

With Aquios Labs stating that they are working on formulas that use more than 30% water, we might soon see a future where the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol levels in vape juices could be minimal. With water taking the center stage and reducing the emissions caused by both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, a healthier, better tasting future for vaping is on the horizon. 


All in all, water based vaping seems to be the most innovative change in vape juice technology the industry has seen since nicotine salts

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