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Why You Should Support Local Vape Shops: Sincerely, an Online Vape Shop

In today’s blog we put the spotlight on local vape shops, which for years now have kept the culture of vaping alive even as the industry comes under attack day after day. Their work, which goes way further than simply selling vape products, creates communities, educates vapers, and in some cases gives fertile ground for grassroot movements that influence politics and advocate for the industry on local and national levels. That’s why their survival is so pivotal for the future of vaping and why we want to encourage our customers to get involved with their local vape shop. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Local Vape Shops Are Unofficial Vaping Education Centers
  2. Local Vape Shops Create Vape Communities and Connect People
  3. Local Vape Shops Are Places Where Grassroot Movements Are Born
  4. Ways You Can Support Your Local Vape Shops
  5. Conclusion

Local Vape Shops Are Unofficial Vaping Education Centers

The true work of local vape shops is to educate newcomers on everything related to vaping. Whether it be battery safety guidelines, how to pick the best vape juices, the factors to consider when picking vape juices, and even the options they have when it comes to picking their first vape device, local vape shops provide an invaluable service to persons who prefer to learn about vaping face to face. 

This gives local vape shops a value that can’t be measured since their work echoes and affects vaping at large. Vape shops often also educate newcomers on vape etiquette, best practices, and even local laws. This creates more conscious vapers who respect the public at large and give vaping a good name since an educated vaper will be less likely to vape in someone’s face or practice poor battery safety.

Finally, as unofficial education centers, they keep vaping accessible to all kinds of people by creating points where anyone can visit to learn how to start or take their vaping hobby to the next level. 

Local Vape Shops Create Vape Communities and Connect People

Another important function of local vape shops, and one of the main reasons why you should support them, is that they connect people and create communities. In a world where people have become more detached and social interactions more rare, local vape shops exist as centers where people can come together and share vaping experiences. This creates more tightly-knit communities, gives persons an outlet to socialize, and creates lasting relationships that can positively affect other areas of everyone involved in these communities. 

Local Vape Shops Are Places Where Grassroot Movements Are Born

Local vape shops also serve as hubs where political grassroots movements take hold. A place like a local vape shop serves to gather and connect like-minded people who want to fight for the future of vaping at the city, state, and national levels. They also help to pass the voice of upcoming laws or ordinances that might affect vaping and help to gather resources and contributions while also informing them of national organizations and nonprofits that they would not have otherwise been aware of. 

Ways You Can Support Your Local Vape Shops

You can support and help local vape shops in the following ways:

  • Shop Local: Every once in a while, shop at your local vape shop. While the prices might be better online, your money helps these centers of vaping culture stay afloat and continue the important work they do of connecting, educating, and unifying people.
  • Hang Out at Your Local Vape Shop: Just like cigar clubs, every once in a while pop in to say hi at your local vape shop or simply hang out and make connections with other vapers. Not only will this give the vape shop more foot traffic, it will also pique the interest of pedestrians who might enter the store out of sheer curiosity. 
  • Leave a Google Review: Nowadays, most people find their local vape shop on Google. Leaving a glowing review of your local vape shop will make sure that the next time someone is looking for a vape shop near them, your local vape shop shows up as the first result.
  • Follow Them on Their Socials: Follow your local vape shop on their social media; not only will you be aware of upcoming in-store events, but you will also give them a more substantial social media presence which will be helpful to the business. 
  • Tell Your Friends and Family: Finally, telling everyone you know about the awesome local vape shop in your area where people hang out, talk shop, and gather to talk about the future of vaping will not only create more customers for them, it will also create a bigger community of vapers that can shape vaping laws in the area.


As you can see, you can support and help your local vape shop in many ways. And in a world where laws are constantly put in place that endanger the future of vaping, we should all strive to protect the local vape shop where so much of the culture of vaping is created and preserved.

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Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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