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Here's Why You Should Switch From Disposables to Pod Systems

As new vapers enter the vaping world, they will soon discover that there are more devices than just regular disposable vapes. Many of them will consider upgrading to a refillable vaping device that can be used several times instead of just once.

The most logical change would be to step up to a pod system. But is the change really worth it? There definitely are reasons to start using pod systems, but there are also a variety of things to consider before making the switch. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Reason #1: To Save Money
  2. Reason #2: To Customize Your Vaping Experience
  3. Reason #3: To Try Out the Universe of Flavors That Nicotine Salts Offer
  4. Reason #4: To Get a Better Vaping Experience
  5. Some Things You Should Consider When Switching
  6. Conclusion

Reason #1: To Save Money

The first and most obvious reason is that pod systems and other refillable devices help you save money in the long run. However, there is a higher upfront cost when it comes to refillable systems, and in the case of pod systems, pre-filled pods could be more expensive than reusable carts or even entire disposables in some cases. It ultimately depends on the brand and amount of vape juice you purchase each month.

That said:

The only recurrent purchases you’ll have to make with pod systems are nicotine salts and the refillable pods, which will last about a month or longer. Now, if you consider how often you buy disposables on a monthly basis, in the long run, pod systems could make more sense from a financial standpoint. 

Reason #2: To Customize Your Vaping Experience

Another important reason to buy pod systems is that you can enjoy a custom vaping experience. For example, the majority of pod systems come with the ability to change the type of coil, the wattage, and the airflow, while most disposables only come with the option of changing airflow, and this is a rare feature. To give you one example, by changing the type of pod used in the pod system, you essentially change the coil type allowing you to vape traditional vape juice (depending on the wattage range of the pod system) which opens up your world to a new type of eliquid, not just nicotine salts. By playing with all of these settings, the coil type, wattage, and adjustable airflow control, you can customize your vaping experience completely. 

Reason #3: To Try Out the Universe of Flavors That Nicotine Salts Offer

The third reason why you should definitely switch to a pod system is that you will no doubt get to experience a universe of flavors. Since you will be buying the nicotine salts separately, you will encounter hundreds of options online, instead of the dozens or so offered by your favorite disposable brands. There is even a new thing called bar salts, which imitate popular disposable flavors so you can even experience the same flavors you love in disposables, now in a separate bottle of nicotine salts. 

Reason #4: To Get a Better Vaping Experience

Finally, the most compelling reason to switch to pod systems is that you will have a better vaping experience. But we should explain precisely what we mean by ‘better’. Better, in this case is a more reliable experience. While disposables can sometimes suffer from dead batteries, broken parts, and manufacturing errors, with pod systems, depending on the device,  you will get a more consistent and reliable vaping experience since the parts that pod systems are made from are built to be used again and again. Granted, after extensive use even good pod systems will stop working eventually.

Some Things You Should Consider When Switching

The upkeep and use of a pod system is more time-consuming than using a disposable. With a disposable, you buy it, vape it, throw it away, and forget it. With a pod system, you have to clean it, charge it, and make sure you are stocked in nicotine salts. 

Refillable devices require you to buy a dedicated charger, e-liquid bottles, and the pods themselves. At the end of the day, there are way more moving parts with refillable vape devices. 

On top of that:

Disposables are just easier to use and a more convenient option. Almost all disposables come with auto-draw technology which means the user only has to inhale and the device starts working. Some pod systems also come equipped with auto-draw technology, but with most you’ll need to adjust the settings, besides from performing maintenance, which makes it a bit tedious and difficult for some people.


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