WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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5 Mouth-Watering Nicotine Free Disposable Vape Pens That Are Just as Good as the Real Thing

5 Mouth-Watering Nicotine Free Disposable Vape Pens That Are Just as Good as the Real Thing

Simon Cartagena |

Most people arrive at vaping while exploring new ways of enjoying nicotine. But that’s not all that vaping is good for. The reality is that disposable vapes can be used as a lot more than a simple alternative to get your nicotine fix. In other words, if you’re planning on using vaping as a means to quit smoking, it doesn’t necessarily have to include nicotine at all. 

Yep, you read that right. If you want to enjoy the sweet sweet taste of your favorite nicotine free disposable vape you're in for a treat. 

And just to be clear, we aren’t saying that you can quit smoking by switching to vapes. In fact, nobody can say that because vapes are not a proven ‘cessation tool’ (that’s just a fancy term used to describe something you use as a tool to quit something else). But at eJuiceDB we’re all about vaping and we understand that it’s not just about nicotine; it's about flavors, sensations, and the joy of puffing those fluffy clouds. 

That's why we're excited to introduce you to the world of nicotine free disposable vapes – your gateway to vaping without the nicotine rush. So, let's dive in and discover our best nicotine free disposable vape pens and why they deserve a spot in your collection.

What Is a Nicotine Free Disposable Vape?

We’re talking about compact, easy-to-use devices filled with delectable e-liquid flavors. Pretty much like any other device on our best-selling disposable vapes list. Only this time you’re getting rid of the nicotine content. 

It's like having your cake and eating it too – in this case, vapes with no nicotine allow you to indulge in your favorite flavors without the nicotine baggage. They come pre-filled with a variety of e-liquid flavors, making them perfect for a quick, flavorful fix.

Who Are Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes For?

It’s fairly obvious by now that zero nicotine disposables are made specifically for people (adults, obviously) who enjoy the flavors and sensations of vaping, but would rather leave the nicotine element entirely out of the picture. They’re tailor-made for:

  • Zero Nicotine Vapers: You may have quit smoking recently, switched to vaping, or perhaps you just like vaping on the side. You might not even be looking to quit nicotine at all. Regardless of what it is that got you here in the first place, if you want to vape or keep vaping but decided for one reason or another that nicotine needs to go, then this type of disposable is for you.
  • Nicotine Reduction: Quitting nicotine cold turkey, like quitting anything cold turkey really, is hard, but that’s not a surprise for anyone. So, for those on a mission to gradually reduce nicotine intake, nicotine free vapes may offer a nice stepping stone to get you to where you want to get: lower nicotine dependence.
  • Flavor Explorers: Don’t quote us, but it has been said that nicotine can make some flavors feel a little bit off. Honestly, we connect this to hemp-derived vapes that carry a strong herbal taste more than we do to regular nic vapes. But if you’re all about the taste, then yes, it might be worth giving these disposables a chance and eliminating every possibility of nicotine overshadowing the experience.
  • Social Vapers: Picture this, you’ve never smoked, you’ve never consumed nicotine in any presentation, but have grown curious about the delicious smells that pop up from random vapers every now and then. Or perhaps you’re thinking of joining the vaping scene entirely for the social aspect? Nic-free disposables let you be a part of the fun without worrying about the unwanted effects of nicotine.

The 5 Best Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes

Provoke the senses with these top-notch nicotine free disposable vape pens:

Invy 6000

Invy 6000

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Innevape is known for creating some of the most iconic vape juice flavors. Some of their standouts include The Berg Menthol E-Liquid and The Berg Berry, which you can actually get with the Invy 6000! 

SKYBAR Bold Zero Nic

SKYBAR Bold Zero

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The Bold Edition of the SKYBAR comes with 15ml of e-liquid in the tank, a mesh coil design, and zero to 5% nicotine options. In this case, we’re obviously highlighting the nic-free version, but their nic-salt disposable vape is also pretty good!

Bomb Lux Zero Nic

Bomb Lux Zero Nic

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The Bomb Zero is an explosion of flavor waiting to happen, and one of our best-selling nic-free vapes for a reason. With 2800 puffs, the Bomb is our most compact and convenient disposable on the list, plus, it comes in a dozen different flavors!

Hero Time Disposable Vape

Hero Time Disposable Vape

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One thing that stands out from this disposable is that you can purchase it in 10-pack orders, giving you a more affordable price per unit. It’s similar in size to the Bomb Zero, but with a total of 3800 puffs in the tank, the Hero Time offers 1000 more puffs than the number 3 device on this list.

Puff Ultra Zero Nic

Puff Ultra Zero

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The Puff Ultra Zero is the biggest and bulkiest of the disposables on this list. However, it’s also surprisingly pocket-friendly and it comes with a whopping 8000 puffs in the tank, not to mention, 10 different flavor options to choose from.

Pros & Cons of Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes

Like everything in life, nicotine free vapes come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's break it down:


  • The obvious advantage – you can enjoy the taste of your favorite vape flavor without the effects of nicotine.
  • Experience the full spectrum of flavors without nicotine getting in the way.
  • While we’re not suggesting that you should start vaping to make friends, it can be a conversation starter and somewhat of a reason to connect socially with other people.
  • While we can’t claim that they should or can be used as a cessation tool, nic-free disposables may be of help to gradually reduce your daily nicotine intake.
  • In terms of vaping, there’s nothing more convenient than a disposable vape. They also come pre-filled and ready to use, making them incredibly user-friendly.
  • Wide Variety: With a plethora of flavors, there's a disposable for every mood.


  • While they’re a great option for those looking to shy away from nicotine, they’re definitely not suitable for those seeking a direct nicotine replacement.
  • Since they're disposables, battery life is limited compared to rechargeable devices. Although, some of them will come with a rechargeable battery and USB port.
  • Disposable devices contribute to e-waste; so they’re perhaps not the best when considering easily recyclable options.
  • Incredibly convenient and easy to use, but you can't adjust nicotine levels or switch flavors like you can with refillable devices. In other words, they’re not the most customizable vape products available.


At eJuiceDB, we're all about optimizing your vaping experience, and that means bringing you the latest in vape trends. Whether you're a seasoned vaper looking for a nicotine break or a flavor enthusiast excited to explore something new, nicotine free disposable vapes can be a game-changer. Give nic-free vaping a chance and get yourself some of the best vapes with no nicotine.