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Advanced Vape Devices: Can They Help You Save Money?

It’s no secret that vaping can be more affordable than smoking. Cost savings take up a huge chunk of the benefits that vaping brings to the table. This is particularly true when more advanced vape devices are thrown into the mix. 

Entry-level vaporizers usually require a lot of repurchase action, whether it´s carts, pods, or entire disposable pens, which in general would make vaping more expensive than advanced devices where you can customize vape settings to use less e-liquid or where the coils can be cleaned to avoid having to repurchase replacements as often.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Are Advanced Vape Devices?
  2. Buy Vape Juice Separately
  3. More Vape Juice Choices Means More Affordable Choices
  4. Customizable Vape Pen Settings
  5. Doing Your Own Vape Pen Maintenance
  6. Some Box Mods Allow You To Make Your Own Coils
  7. Conclusion

What Are Advanced Vape Devices?

There are three main types of advanced units: 

  • Pod Systems: The simplest of refillable vape pen designs. Similar to pens that work with prefilled carts, only in this case carts are proprietary brand designs.
  • Box Mods: These use sub-ohm tanks which require more user experience but provide thicker clouds and help leverage cloud chasing.
  • Rebuildable Mods: These are completely customizable units that use interchangeable parts.

While this type of device has a higher upfront cost and requires a more advanced practical and technical knowledge to use, they also reduce the repurchasing amount.

Buy Vape Juice Separately

All three devices mentioned above give you the option of purchasing vape juice separately. Unlike disposables that already come with the vape juice inside, these advanced vape devices, and really any vape device that is refillable, allows you to buy vape juice in bulk.  To give you an idea, disposables come on average with 7ml of nicotine salt in the tank  and by buying a single bottle of nicotine salt you can get 30ml, 60ml, or even up to 120ml at a time.

More Vape Juice Choices Means More Affordable Choices

Choosing vape juice yourself gives you the option to choose between premium and more accessible brands. In other words, you can save money by choosing a less popular one. 

Customizable Vape Pen Settings

Tweaking the settings alone can be a reason to reduce consumption costs. By simply changing the wattage to a lower setting and changing the adjustable airflow control, with some devices even having ECO modes that use less power, you can charge your vape less often and as a result use less e-liquid. 

Doing Your Own Vape Pen Maintenance

When it comes to box mods, you have the option of cleaning the coils, which could give you a few more weeks of use, and in the long run reduce your cost for replacement parts. We’re aware that this process takes time and you have to buy additional supplies to clean your coils, but if you want to extend their lifespan, cleaning them is crucial.

Some Box Mods Allow You To Make Your Own Coils

Box mods that use rebuildable atomizers are called rebuildable because they are meant to be used with self-built coils. There is a whole community of hobbyists that create intricate coil designs online and share tips and tricks on how to build them. So yes, you can build your own coils and save a ton of money. Nevertheless, you’ll have to buy supplies for this as well. 


By following the above tips, you could stand to save money on vaping but if none of these are an option, the easiest way out is to shop at eJuiceDB. We are constantly running sales and discounts and deliver on the best brands for vape juices, nicotine salts, and disposables at a fraction of their original price. 

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