Best Bundled E-liquid Vape Gifts for the Holidays

The Best Bundled E-liquid Vape Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful for last-minute shoppers. However, fear not. If you're going to give a vaper a gift, you won't go wrong with a bundled e-liquid vape gift, and the best part is that we have excellent vape bundle deals. But what exactly is a bundled e-liquid vape gift?

What are Bundled E-liquid Vape Gifts?

Bundled E-liquid Vape Gifts are what they sound like; we take your favorite e-juice manufacturer and bundle their best-known flavors for a reasonable price. This way, you get to taste different flavors from the same brand without spending hundreds of dollars. 

The Best Selling Bundled E-liquid Vape Gifts of 2020

The following are the best selling e-liquid bundles of 2020. We hope that you find a bundle that will be perfect for you or your loved one with this list, who will undoubtedly appreciate the myriad of flavors that will come bundled together. 

The Candy King E-Juice Bundle (400ml)



400ml Bundle by Candy King eJuice


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With four 100ml bottles of perhaps the most popular brand of candy vape juice on the market, you won't go wrong with this bundle. It comes with Batch, the delicious vape juice that imitates sweet and sour gummies, Belts, the delectable e-liquid that replicates the sour belts you had as a kid, Swedish, the e-liquid that tastes just like gummy Swedish fishes, and Worms. This vape juice tastes exactly like gummy worms. All of this for only $49.49.

The Menthol Naked 100 E-Juice Bundle (180ml)



180ml Menthol Bundle by Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid


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If you're a vaper who loves menthol, the Menthol Naked 100 e-Juice Bundle is right up your alley. Comprised of three of the best Menthol Naked 100 e-juices, you get Berry, which combines blueberries and blackberries for a one of a kind experience, Strawberry Pom, combining strawberry, kiwi, red pomegranates for a unique flavor explosion; and Melon, comprised of pineapples and melon. All will leave you drooling after every inhale. This is an excellent bundle for menthol lovers, which only costs $44.49.  

The Dessert Bundle by Yami Vapor E-Liquid (300ml)


300ml Dessert Bundle by

Yami Vapor E-Liquid


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If you have a sweet tooth (and let's face it, we all do), this bundle by Yami Vapor is heaven-sent. Comprised of Milkgat, a spot-on replica of a Milk Nougat, Butter Brew, a butterscotch drizzle in a vape juice, and Taruto, perhaps their most famous flavor, imitating a Portuguese egg tart that is uniquely delicate and flavorful to the very end, you'll love this bundle for only $42.99

The Fruits Bundle by Juice Head E-Liquid (300ml)


300ml Bundle by Juice Head E-Liquid


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If you're a lover of all things fruit-related, the Fruit Bundle by Juice Head E-liquid might be worth checking out. With three delicious flavors that include Peach Pear, a refreshing mixture of peach and pear, Strawberry Kiwi, taking the flavors of strawberries and complementing them with kiwi, and Watermelon Lime, a delicious vape juice combining ripe limes with the sweetness of watermelons, this bundle is perfect for vapers who enjoy bold fruit flavors. It only costs $59.99.

Confections Bundle by Coastal Clouds eJuice (240ml)



240ml Confections Bundle by Coastal Clouds eJuice


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Another great bundle is the Confections Bundle by Coastal Clouds eJuice. It comes with four flavors and costs $39.99. The vape juices found in this bundle include Maple Butter, maple syrup with a butter hint. Then there's Mango Berries, which recreates a delicious popsicle of mango, kiwi, and strawberries. Lemon Meringue Pie contains lemon custard and whipped cream notes, and Iced Mango Berries is the same flavor as above but with a kick of extra ice. 

On Ice Bundle by Vape Heads Sour E-Liquid (360ml)


360ml On Ice Bundle by Vape Heads Sour E-Liquid


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Do you remember the Warheads sour candy? Well, these are Vape Heads, a collection of acidic e-liquids with a kick of menthol. In this bundle that costs $60.99, you get three flavors: Wutamelon On Ice, Smurf Sauce On Ice, and Mang O's On Ice. Wutamelon On Ice is a sour hard candy with notes of Watermelon. Smurf Sauce On Ice is a blue raspberry and green apple combination that is deliciously sour. And Mang O's On Ice is an imitation of sour mango rings with delicate notes of menthol. A great bundle for anyone that's into sour candies. 

Diner Bundle by Caribbean Cloud Company eJuice (180ml)



180ml CCC's Diner Bundle by Caribbean Cloud Company eJuice


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With the Diner Bundle by Caribbean Cloud Company, you get three unique vape juices that you might find in a roadside diner. The bundle, which costs $25.99, comes with three e-liquids, French Toast, Cinnamilk, and Blueberry Muffin. With French Toast, you get a butter-drenched egg sourdough flavor that is delicious; with Cinnamilk, you get an exquisite combination of milk mixed with cinnamon, and lastly, with Blueberry Muffin, you get a buttered up cinnamon covered muffin with notes of blueberries.

Bundle by Reds Apple eJuice (240ml)



240ml Bundle by Reds Apple eJuice


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If you love apples, you'll love Reds Apple eJuice. Made to mimic the crisp taste of red apples perfectly, you get one of the most beloved apple vape juices on the market with this bundle. The bundle, which contains four flavors: Reds Apple, Reds Ice, Reds Grape, and Reds Grape Iced, only costs $44.49. The flavor profile of Reds Apple feels like biting into a red apple, while the Reds Grape vape juice has an apple juice inhale flavor with a robust grape exhale. The other two vape juices, Reds Ice and Reds Grape Iced are the same flavors as above but with menthol and icy finish. 


If you're rushing to get something for that special vaper in your life, buying a bundle perhaps of a flavor they already own can be a great gift. At one point, they might want to try out the other flavors the manufacturer makes or restock on the flavor they already love. 


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