Box Mods VS Pod Systems

Box Mods VS Pod Systems: Which One Should You Get?

There are many categories of vape devices on the market. We have written about this before (you can check it out here) but there are two that dominate the market right now: box mods and pod systems. If you are a new vaper, you might be wondering which one you should buy. In today’s blog, we look at both of these devices to help you know which one is for you. Finally, we’ll also give you some recommendations of some of the best box mods and best pod systems we currently have available. So if you’re ready let’s get started. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Pod System 
  2. What is a Box Mod
  3. Which One is for You?
  4. A Word About Pod Mods
  5. Devices We Offer at eJuiceDB
  6. Conclusion

What is a Pod System

A pod system is what most people would describe as the entry point device. It’s very small, often fitting the palm of your hand. Although they evaporate liquids, they are not considered very powerful. They consist of an integrated battery and most of the time is charged via USB which will give you decent battery life. Many don’t have firing buttons, meaning all you have to do to get them to work is inhale, and they also use nicotine salts, which is a type of nicotine that requires less power to evaporate, but at the same time provides an experience that is closer to smoking cigarettes since it provides more nicotine per puff than freebase nicotine, the nicotine used with box mods. 

You should know that all pod systems use cartridges or pods, and there are two kinds of pod systems: open and closed. Closed pod systems use cartridges that come prefilled and that are sold separately. Once you run out of vape juice on these devices, you have to buy extra cartridges that come with the flavors the manufacturer offers. 

Open pod systems come with cartridges that you can open and fill manually. The advantage of this is that you can pick from hundreds of different flavors and you don’t have to rely on the flavors that the manufacturer provides. With time though, you will need to replace your open pods with new ones. 

What is a Box Mod?

A box mod is perhaps the most powerful vape device that exists in the vape market. They typically use 18650mAh batteries, which are really powerful and can be taken out of the device (meaning they are external batteries) and that you need a separate charger for but at the same time give you lots of battery life. Box mods can also reach very high temperatures, which means you can create massive amounts of vapor clouds. They are much bigger than pod systems and have more moving parts. Because they have more moving parts, they are highly customizable. You can pick and choose many components and this makes them ideal for personalizing your vaping experience. They also use freebase nicotine, the more common type of nicotine used in the vaping world, which means that they have thousands of flavors to choose from. 

Which One is for You?

The question of which of these devices is for you often falls upon what type of vaper you want to be. For ex-smokers trying to quit cigarettes and nicotine and who want to feel something familiar, we recommend they first get pod systems. Pod systems have virtually no upkeep, are easy to use, and use nicotine salts which create the closest sensation to smoking that can be achieved via vaping. 

For vapers who want to give up cigarettes but aren’t ready to completely give up the nicotine and are looking for an interesting hobby, then we recommend you try out box mods. Box mods will satisfy your nicotine cravings but will require more upkeep. You’ll need to learn about battery safety and a few of the components, which requires an investment of time but once you get started you can truly tailor your vaping experience and enjoy thousands of flavors of vape juice. 

A Word About Pod Mods

If you can’t pick between the two, there’s a new type of device that combines the best attributes of each into a single device. These vapes are called pod mods. Pod mods are often medium sized but still small enough to fit in your hand. They also allow you to vape both nicotine salts and traditional vape juice and come with great battery life. For new vapers who can’t make a decision between either pod systems and box mods, pod mods are often the best decision. 

Devices We Offer at eJuiceDB

At eJuiceDB we offer several options for vape devices. Below you can find three options: a box mod, a pod system, and a pod mod. 

Baton V2 Device Starter Kit by Baton Vapor


Baton V2 Device Starter Kit by Baton Vapor


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The Baton V2 starter kit is the ideal device for new vapers who want a similar sensation to smoking. The Baton has a powerful integrated battery of 350mAh, comes with a soft to the touch matte finish, is available in six colors, and it’s an open pod system that comes with empty pods you can fill with your favorite nicotine salt. All in all, this is a great first time device if you want to know what vaping is all about. 

Sigelei Humvee 80W Starter Kit


Sigelei Humvee 80W Starter Kit


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The Sigelei Humvee 80W Starter Kit is a pod mod that is perfect to vape both nicotine salts and traditional vape juice (or freebase nicotine). To vape nic salts you’ll need to buy the VOOPOO PnP coils, since the included FOG coils are only sub-ohm. Still, this compact device has a wattage range of 5W-80W, a tank capacity of 5ml, and only uses one 18650mAh battery. This is the perfect pod mod if you can’t choose between a pod system or a box mod. 

FreeMax Maxus 200W Starter Kit


FreeMax Maxus 200W Starter Kit


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FreeMax Maxus 200W Starter Kit is a powerful box mod. With a wattage range of 5W-200W, the FreeMax is a true box mod. Available in six different colors, this box mod comes with a Maxus Pro tank that holds 5ml of eliquid and has several settings you can choose from to tailor your vaping experience. This is a great box mod that will help you make vaping your brand new hobby. 


We hope that with this blog you are able to distinguish box mods from pod systems, and if you are on the fence about which one to buy, we hope this brings you closer to a decision. As always, make sure to check out our other blogs and visit the devices section of the website to see all the devices we have available.


EjuiceDB articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them. Furthermore, Vaping products and nicotine use are only meant for persons over the age of 21.

Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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