Mesh Coils in Disposable Vapes

Mesh Coils in Disposable Vapes, What Are Their Advantages?

It seems like more and more disposable models are using mesh coils these days. But what are the benefits of using mesh coils over regular coils and are there any advantages of using one over the other? In today’s blog we break down why mesh coils are becoming the standard and what they offer to vapers who only vape disposables

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is a Mesh Coil?
  2. Advantage 1: Cooler Vape Experience
  3. Advantage 2: Better Flavor
  4. Advantage 3: Bigger Clouds
  5. Advantage 4: Better Battery Life
  6. Mesh Coil Disposables We Recommend
  7. Conclusion

What Is a Mesh Coil?

Before we can tell you the advantages of mesh coils, we have to first tell what the difference between regular coils and mesh coils is. Regular coils are wires that have been spun into several circles that together make a spiral-like wire. The function of the coil is to retain heat in these circles. Regular coils are surrounded by wicking material, usually cotton, that has soaked up vape juice, and as the coils become hotter, they evaporate the vape juice inside the wicking material. 

On the other hand, a mesh coil is not made from wire that has been bent in a spiral shape. Mesh coils are made from strips of metal that have holes, kinda like a chain fence but with more metal between each of the holes. Mesh coils are also surrounded by wicking material and work essentially the same way; they heat up and evaporate the vape juice stored in the wicking material, except for one major difference. 

Regular coils tend to only heat up in the center of the circles or spirals, leaving the top and bottom portions of the coil cold. With mesh coils, there is an even heat distribution and the whole strip warms up. This major difference creates advantages that, for many vapers, make mesh coils the superior choice when it comes to choosing a disposable. Below we’ll talk about the major advantages this creates. 

Advantage 1: Cooler Vape Experience

For starters, when you buy a disposable with mesh coil or coils, you’ll experience a cooler, more pleasant vaping experience. This is because mesh coils heat up faster and don’t require high temperatures in order to evaporate vape juice. Because of this, the vapor that is created is not as hot as the vapor created from coils, which sometimes can be a little bit harsh and hard to swallow. That being said, some vapers prefer a hotter vape, and for them, regular coils are a better option. 

Advantage 2: Better Flavor

One of the biggest advantages of mesh coils is better flavor. This is because the mesh coil heats more evenly, evaporating more vape juice, which creates more intense hits that are more flavorful. With regular coils, there are only certain spots in the middle that warm up, creating hot spots that can burn the vape juice and give weaker hits. This is also because regular coils require more heat, unlike mesh coils that warm up and evaporate vape juice with less heat.

Advantage 3: Bigger Clouds

Because they have a larger surface area that heats up, mesh coils have the advantage of generating bigger clouds. This is because more wicking material is covered by the mesh coil, which heats more vape juice inside the wick. However, this advantage is a two edged sword, which also means that more vape juice is used faster. This means that mesh coils go through vape juice faster than regular coils, which is something you should know. This is also probably why mesh coils are only found in high puff count disposables. 

Advantage 4: Better Battery Life

Finally, the last advantage that mesh coils have is that they use less battery power than regular coils. Again, this is because mesh coils heat up faster and use less heat. Since the battery only has to power the coil for a short time, it uses less energy which makes the battery last longer. This is a true advantage for disposables since some aren’t rechargeable and every bit of power the battery provides is precious. 

Mesh Coil Disposables We Recommend

Below you will find two mesh coil disposable vapes that are perfect for trying out the difference between mesh and regular coils. 

Enoubar Compak Disposable Vape Pen


Enoubar Compak Disposable Vape Pen


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Although this is a relatively new brand, the Enoubar Compak disposable vape is perfect if you are looking to experience what mesh coils in disposables are all about. It features 6000 puffs, 13ml of vape juice, is rechargeable, and comes in 12 delicious flavors. Just like the name states, this disposable is small, portable, and compact-perfect for any night out. 

Esco Bars Fruitia 6000 Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposable Vape


Esco Bars Fruitia 6000 Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposable Vape


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Esco Bars are some of the most coveted brands in the market and the new model (which is a collaboration with Fruitia) features a mesh coil that really enhances the five expertly curated flavors. This disposable features 6000 puffs, is rechargeable and has 15ml of vape juice, so it’s sure to last a very long time. If you want to try out a tried and true brand, this Esco Bars x Fruiitia collaboration model is the way to go. 


While it is true that mesh coils have several advantages, it should also be said that some people will prefer regular coils because they can last longer since they don’t use as much vape juice and because they provide a harsher vape due to the vapor being warmer. However, the advantages of bigger clouds, better flavor, better battery life, along with a cooler vaping experience, seem to be reasons why so many people are choosing mesh coil disposable vapes.


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